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All your fic are belong to us!


Slash me up, baby...
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1) Fics can be posted from any (animated/video-game/) fandom, for any pairing... m/m, f/f, m/m/f, etc, as long as they have at least two males. This is because i am lazy... or something.
2) Certain information should be included with any posts....
Warnings/Description: (are not required, but you may use if you want)
3) Unless other instructions are posted in with the fic, I will post it on the website, once i get it up...
4) If you post an off-topic post, please note it in the title of the post.
5) When posting, please use lj-cut
6) Due to constant chiding, you may also post slash from musical groups (anything from N'Sync, to Against Me... it really doesnt matter what type of music)

(yes... animated does include Comic Books)
if you have any questions, you can IM Drew at DeadKennedy5569
1/2, 1x2, 2/1, 2x1, afi, against all authority, against me!, alkaline trio, anime, bobby, bobby drake, bobby/logan, bobby/st. john, bouncing souls, cid/cloud, cid/vincent, cloud/cid, cloud/vincent, cowboy bebop, cyclops, dillinger four, drabble, drabbles, duo, duo maxwell, duo/heero, f/f, fan fic, fan fiction, fanfic, fem slash, ff 10, ff 7, ff 8, ff vii, ff viii, ff10, ff7, ff8, ffvii, ffviii, ffx, fifteen, filth, final fantasy, final fantasy 10, final fantasy 10-2, final fantasy 7, final fantasy 8, final fantasy vii, final fantasy viii, final fantasy x, final fantasy x-2, flcl, gambit, gravitation, gundam, gundam seed, gundam wing, heero, heero yuy, heero/duo, hentai, iceman, iceman/pyro, irvine/seifer, irvine/squall, irvine/zell, irving, king of fighters, kingdom hearts, kmfdm, level c, logan, logan/bobby, logan/st. john, m/m, nofx, punk, pyro, pyro/iceman, quatre, quatre/trowa, queer punk, queerpunk, quistis, quistis/rinoa, quistis/selphie, rammstein, rancid, ranma/ryoga, remy, rinoa, rinoa/quistis, rinoa/selphie, rise against, ron/harry, rpg, rurouni kenshin, ryoga/ranma, saga frontier, scared of chaka, schu, schuldig, scott, scott summers, scribbles, seifer, seifer almasy, seifer/zell, selphie, selphie/quistis, selphie/rinoa, serial experiments lain, sex, shota, slash, slutty ukes, smut, spirited away, squall, squall leonheart, squall/zell, st. john, st. john/bobby, st. john/logan, the alkaline trio, the lawrence arms, the weakerthans, trigun, trowa, trowa barton, trowa/quatre, vincent/cid, vincent/cloud, weiss kreuz, wolverine, x men, x slash, x-men, x-slash, yaoi, yuri, zell, zell dincht, zell/irvine, zell/seifer, zell/squall