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Beautiful Sin: Chapter Trois
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Pairings: Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Nida/Squall, and Selphie/Quistis
Warnings: Language, yaoi, yuri, lemon, homophobia, incest, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, exhibitionism, bondage, implied rape, suicidal attempts, and tons of angst!
( And for those wondering about the Laguna/Squall pairing, I told my friend...and their response was: ohhh! That's so pervy! <3)

Sorry! I've kept some of you waiting for so long! Here's the next chapter loves! Please review!

Disclaimer: FF8, the band Him or their songs, and 'The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe' by C.S. Lewis don't not belong to me. And I have run out of spatulas, so now I shall reimburse people with lime tic-tacs…Which also don't belong to me…*runs and hides in the shadows, listening to her 'ACDC: Live CD'* …I'm TNT…XD

Credits I would like to thank my friend or should I say my currently ex-friend Matt Alan, for the pool table scene. I'm so pissed off at this boy for accusing me; it's not even funny anymore. I'm going to put all my emotions and angst feelings into this chapter, so if someone starts to cry…I'm sorry about that minna-san!

BEAUTIFUL SIN: Chapter Trios

By: Shinya

For Aslan to Cry

* * * *

I love your skin, so white

I love your touch, cold as ice

And I love every single tear you cry

I just love the way you’re losing your life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

I adore the despair in your eyes

I worship your lips once red as wine

I crave for your scent

Sending shivers down my spine

I love the way you’re running out of life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

-“Gone with the Sin”


* * * *

“Squall…I love you.” It was the first time; Irvine had openly admitted it, to anyone for that matter. He was so sure that the burning sensation his got in his chest, and the warmth that flooded through his very senses, veins, and whole being at the mere sound of Squall’s name, was labeled as love. Love, funny, that it was.

“…. I love you too, Irvine.” //

Squall lay awake, his stormy eyes transfixed on his lover's sleeping form. Irvine smiled like an angel, an angel falling from grace. How sweet his lips appeared and the way his auburn locks drifted serenely across his face was very seductive. All Squall could do was stare, replaying the night's earlier events in his mind. Tugging at a thin lock of hair, the brunet checked to see if his cowboy was in the sweet slumber of dreams. Moist lips parted, as Squall released a strangled sigh.

The youth rose from the futon, glancing over at Irvine's lean form, spread out all over. "I'll be back soon Irvine, just need to clear my head," Squall's lips ghosted on Irvine's flushed cheek, stirring the sharpshooter slightly. Somehow, when he said those three words, the magical words that held a greater meaning in them than all the world's worth, a feeling arose inside the lion, different, new, and frightening.

Squall pulled on his usual black leather pants, not even bothering to place the signature three belts that draped across his groin and ass so nicely. He scooped up his small, white wrinkled T-shirt that had been left over the months, under Irvine's bed, and slid it over his head. With that, Squall moved silently out the door, carefully shutting it.

The dim lights in the hallway flickered teasingly, while shadows danced in celebration of the night. Squall paced back and forth, his bare feet pounding on the cold steel floor of the Garden. Too many memories cluttered these areas; it was unnerving. He walked through abandoned, dusted and tattered hallways, dogging the cobwebs and shattered glass that lay upon the floor. The QUAD section had been recently shut down due the unsafe materials and for renovations. The floor beneath him almost gave way; he could feel the floor sinking into the depths, blackness, of the anomalous basement. Where the once Garden Master, NORG, used to dwell.

Small goosebumps formed on the cream flesh of Squall's body, as his eyes bored into the moon's surface. Of course, the QUAD sector was outside, the Garden staff said it gave plays and concerts a more dramatic feel. It had also been where he had saved Rinoa, when his gave up the ring he always wore. She never gave it back to him, just a minor annoyance.

A clanking of boots moved from behind him, and sweet voice sang in his ear. "What are you doing up at this hour, commander?" Squall could recognize that mellifluous voice anywhere; it was Nida. Nida and him tried out for the SeeD test, and both passed with flying colors. Now, Nida drove the Garden, and how anyone was able to learn how was just baffling to Squall. But then again, Nida was very intelligent, quick wits, and a good sense of most technology. Squall guessed that came with anyone with slight Japanese in their blood, though it showed only a tiny bit in Nida's eyes.

"Oh, Nida. I didn't know anyone was awake at this hour." He finished lamely; he couldn't even fathom why he was up this late, only following the raw instinctive emotions.

"Neither did I." Nida moved to his side, the youth's green eyes flashing with delight at a mid night companion. " May I inquire why?" Squall locked gazes with Nida, their eyes never leaving each other's. Squall had always found Nida fairly attractive; his delicate features, the supple curve of his body, and most of all, those hypnotizing eyes.

Squall yawned, still drugged with the faint memory of sleep and angry sex. " I just had to get my head together, that's all." Squall was truly in no mood for questions, trying to concentrate on what Irvine said, how he protected him, that phrase was different than any other that they had shared.

Nida placed a hand on Squall's shoulder, his glowing smile faltering, eyes now lidded with sadness. "I know that's just not the only reason. Did something happen between you and Irvine?" Squall's eyes widen, and he swore to god that his jaw dropped open. How did Nida know? They never told anyone, they were secret and careful about places that they went together, and always checked if anyone from the Garden was there.

"H-How do you know about Irvine and me?" Now, Squall was in the talking mode, his voice laden with audible ire.

"Oh, come on Squall. I'm not naïve; I see the way you look at him, and the way his eyes rake over," Nida's lips parted, his face drawing closer to the shocked expression. "That lovely toned body of yours…" The green eyed youth licked his lips, as Squall stood motionless. " I've even seen you two before, making love."

"WHAT?!" Squall hissed, his own face unintentionally pressing closer to Nida's, so now an inch was between them.

"Yes, in the Training section. Fucking like rabbits," A small hand pressed against Squall's chest, bunching up the fabric in the palm. "And it was incredibly hot," Nida purred, titling his face so his lips brushed feathery over Squalls. The lion's eyes narrowed into slits, when Nida pressed his body against his own. This wasn't right. Today was just all going up in flames. Laguna, his father lusted after him. Zell, his annoying friend cried over the unrequited love that was center around him. Irvine…Irvine loved him. Now, Nida just came out of nowhere now wanting to screw up Irvine's relationship with him.

"What the hell you do want Nida?" Squall growled, not liking the position he was being placed into.

"You. I want to be inside you, to be embraced by those lovely wings of yours." Nida cooed, his hands sliding suggestively down Squall's sides. "And before you object, remember that I know about you and Irvine, and could tell everyone." The youth warned his tender hands that traveled to his hips now pressed blunt nails into the bones.


"Just relax, I won't tell anyone…All you have to do is be mine Squall," Squall let himself be laid down on the rocky earth of the Garden QUAD, thinking about what would happen if Nida did broadcast the news all over the world. Esthar would break their allegiance with Balamb, despite his father's decision. The lion already knew how Martine was going to respond to this, angry and annoyed, that his best sniper was frolicking around with the new headmaster of the Garden, being the homophobic he was. FH would then question the morals amongst the Garden staff and students, and be uneasy about lending their support if anything were to happen. As far as Trabia Garden, he had no clue.

"That's a good boy," Nida husked, his hands unbuckling Squall's pants and sliding them down his lean hips. "Perfect…" Squall wanted to cry; he wanted to do something, but as soon as a clicking sound made itself noted, the lion knew had been chained. His arms had been shackled about his head, with no reconciliation of his limbs being moved at all, and his legs were spread and latched onto two steel poles.

"It's only fair you know." Squall wasn't listening, trying to block out all sensations that burn in his mind. "I was once with Irvine, and he took everything away from me, for you…" Nida said bitterly, his hands ripping Squall's shirt, and nails digging into his chest made Squall let out a warbled cry of pain. "Now, this is my sweet revenge, you know. I'm taking his world, I'm taking you away, so he'll know how I felt on those cold nights alone…" Nida growled as he bit down on Squall's shoulder, then lapping at the blood like it was a form of a perverted aphrodisiac.

At that wretched moment, that Nida removed Squall clothing and pressed inside, the gunblade professional remembered a story that Matron used to tell them, and a very specific passage from the book. It was about a lion, which was bound and shackled to a stone table, while goblins and witches tortured him, then killed the beast. The lion was brave during the whole thing, never crying once, but the children in the story cried and cried, as the animal's lifeless form laid on the table, while rain silently poured down. The beast's name was Aslan. And at that very moment, when tears spilled from Squall's eyes, he thought, what would it have been like, for Aslan to cry?

* * * *

Irvine stomped angrily down the Garden hallways, desperately seeking Squall. Where would his love be, and why the fuck did he leave him alone in bed?! The moment that he woken up, he fought the urge to scream. He had poured his heart out to Squall that night, or at least he thought he did. Maybe, he scared his little warrior kitten away. Well, the best thing to do now was ask people if they had seen Squall.

"Hey, Quistis!" Irvine jogged up to her, catching his breath when the instructor finally acknowledged his presence.

Quistis glanced at Irvine, then check her wristwatch. It was 700 hours, and Irvine was up, at that time, she knew something was the matter. "Yes, Irvine? Whatever it is, make it quick. I'm meeting Selphie for breakfast." She said as authoritatively as ever. Irvine couldn't help but snicker; Quistis and Selphie were meeting for breakfast? Heh. Quistis doesn't eat breakfast, and Selphie is repulsed by the mere thought of pancakes served on Wednesdays.

"Have you seen Squall?" His eyes softened, his fidgeting hands were shoved in the duster pockets.

"Well, knowing Squall, I say he was in the most secluded spot in the whole Garden."

"And that would be where?"

"The QUAD sector."

Irvine kissed the blonde haired woman on the cheek, and ran off in the direction of the QUAD. "Thanks a bunch Quisty!" He cheered; his footsteps become longer and almost like in a floating motion across the floor. Quistis touched a gloved hand to her cheek, and smiled. She liked Irvine, not like that, but she liked how he treated Squall, how he was so willing to give affection to him.

"Well, I mustn't delay dear Selphie anymore," Quistis giggled, striding off to meet her chipper young lover.

* * * *

"Squall?! Squall?! Are you in here?" Irvine shouted, his boots crushing the glass beneath the soles, while the wind blew in a chilling breath. The gunslingers hearing picked up the faint sound of sobbing, a mourning soul. Rushing towards it, the teenager almost slipped down the stairs and would have landed headfirst in the bushes if it weren't for a large pile of…Clothing?

Irvine picked up an article that was strewn across the dirty ground, examining it with a careful eye. The feel and texture of it was hauntingly familiar; it belonged to Squall. Practically jumping down the stairs, shirt in hand, and a quickened pulse, he eyes rested upon a body, curled up in the fetal position.

"Squall! Baby, there you are!" He rushed over to Squall, touching the frigid back of his lover, noting how Squall's pants were unbuttoned and shabbily put back on. "Hey, Squall?"

"Don't touch me!" Squall cried, shrinking from Irvine's touch, fear littering the depths of his eyes.

"Darlin' what's wrong?" Irvine was now on his knees, eye level with Squall's, as he kneeled forward, trying to capture Squall in a hug.

"Don't look at me!" Hot waves of tears streamed down Squall's face, dribbling into his mouth and beading off his chin. Irvine's brows furrowed, his face now sent sternly. Squall never cried, never. He may have whimpered, shivered, but never broke down into hysterics. Arms wrapped around the lean legs of the lion, cuddling himself. Irvine reached out, ignoring when Squall bit his hand. Sure, it hurt like hell, but it must not compare to the pain that he was feeling now.

"I don't care what you look like love, and you can hurt me as much as you want." Small globules of blood slithered down Irvine's hand, hardening, caking to his tanned flesh before they stained the ground a red hue. Irvine gasped as Squall threw himself into Irvine's chest, knocking them both down. All reasonable thought flew from the sharpshooter's mind, his arms reflectively twined around the brunet's trembling body.

"I'm so sorry, Irvine…" Squall sobbed into Irvine's chest, while the cowboy stroked his hair lovingly. Irvine's was indisputably confused at this new affection his was seemingly receiving. The sharpshooter's right hand reached up and clasped Squall's wrist. Bringing said hand closer to vision; Irvine noted crude scrapes and bruises.

"Baby, what happened to you?" At the inquiry Squall burrowed his head further into Irvine's duster, silencing the sobs and hiccups. Purple eyes ventured down the length of the lion's body, cuts and bruises littered the once soft skin. What made the sniper's stomach churn was the bruises on Squalls hips, they looked like finger marks, and how his ankles were chained to the stage.

"Who the fuck did this to you Squall?"








"Then who was it damnit!?" Irvine clutched the youth closer to him, demanding that Squall meet his intense gaze.


Irvine blinked for a second, and appeared to be filled with nostalgia, then his brows furrowed, confused. "Who?" Squall suppressed the urge to laugh at this awkward moment, to Nida's misfortune. Before the lion could get a chance to respond, a loud crash sounded throughout the whole of the Garden.

"It appears to be that Selphie found out that breakfast was pancakes," Irvine said lightly, helping his fair beauty to his feet. Squall glanced across Irvine’s body, while the youth held him in a tight embrace.

“What now?”


“What are you going to do now Irvine?”

Irvine’s mouth formed into a frown. “Fucking kill Nida.”


A/N- DUN DUN DUN! o_o; Irvy is pissed as hell, well…Who wouldn’t be. ^^; Not much in the way of notes for today!

I continued this, one else would ^^; *shrugs* Review sweethearts and I'll give you pie! Or cake...etc.
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