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Pathetic attempt at slash...

Title: Clubbing
Author: darknesslight
Fandom: Fruit Baskets/Furuba
Pairing: Kyo/Yuki/Haru
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Description: ...threesome warning? And the fact this was the first fanfic and lemon I've ever written... and it was a year ago when I wrote this?

Author Note: Egh… first Furuba fic, I’ve only seen up to episode 3, I read summaries for the next couple episodes and I know what happens in the end. So… please dun kill me if I royally screw this fic up @_@ It’s set after the whole shindag with Kyo at the end of the series so… yeah. Don’t read if you don’t like spoilers, as slight as they probably are ^_^; This is also smut filled, a lemon, and not really any plot other than me getting Haru, Kyo, and Yuki to start fuc – *nose bleed* Oh… and the title is corny, yeah I know @_@ So sue me. This is probably also a little AU…. And Kyo and Yuki and Haru are now clubbing age… ^_^

The music pulsed, the lights flashing over the dark, crowded dance floor. Bodies twisted to the suggestive, fast song, grinding, hands moving everywhere. Sex was the theme of the night, lips leaving hot kisses over skin. This was the nightlife, the world that Haru, Kyo, and Yuki Souma frequented quite often. Yuki leaned against the bar, the neon lights reflecting against his silver gray hair, violet eyes mysterious against fair skin. He had a light blue satin shirt on with black leather pants. Glitter sparkled in his hair and face, lips and eyes decorated with blue frost makeup. His eyes were trained upon two figures towards the center of the dance floor, hip to hip, writhing in perfect union.

Orange hair flashed in the lights, dark crimson eyes closed, white pants melded with black pants, silver hair tossing in the dimly lit club. Hips moved in unison, arms twisting in some exotic dance of their own, stroking lightly and suggestively every so often. Lust rose in Yuki’s mind, his pants suddenly feeling constricting as the hot scene before him just got steamier. He unconsciously licked his lips, thinking how damn tight that butt was in those pants, those hands…

The song ended, the two dancers vanishing briefly before appearing in front of Yuki. Kyo was panting slightly, ocher hair disheveled as if he just had sex, a dark red silk shirt slightly open at the front revealing his collar bone and neck. Haru grinned wildly, his silver hair having a windswept look, wearing a white satin shirt. Yuki smiled at them, offering a glass of wine to Kyo. The cat took it without question, already slightly inebriated from the hours before.

Yuki reached for Kyo’s arm, bringing him closely in. He licked the cat’s ear, his tongue tasting the skin at his neck. The orange-haired boy purred, feeling jolts of complete ecstasy traveling through his body from it. He suddenly felt heat from behind him, Haru nipping at his neck, both Yuki and Haru assaulting Kyo’s neck and face. Kyo moaned, leaning into Yuki, lifting his face up, lips begging to be kissed. Yuki gladly obliged, letting his tongue slide across petal soft lips, plundering the mouth of its richness, their tongues twisting against each other, saliva shared. Kyo began to grind involuntarily against Yuki as Haru began to rub against the cat from behind. Kyo broke away from the kiss, panting heavily, lust heavy in his eyes.

“Want more?” Haru whispered hotly into Kyo’s ear. He gave a low moan, incapable of thought as lust burned in his body. Yuki smiled slightly, his hand stealing down to Kyo’s groin, massaging slightly.

“I don’t think I heard an answer, neko,” Yuki murmured into Kyo’s other ear.

“Oh please oh please oh please,” Kyo moaned, reduced to mumbling. Yuki looked at Haru, smirking.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more comfortable,” Haru said, grinning devilishly.

“Ugh!” Kyo nearly screamed, the pleasure almost too much for him. Lips caressed him, hands fondled him. Skin against skin, hot and slick. “Please… more…”

“I think… you two are going to 69. Now,” Yuki commanded with authority. Haru found this arousing, hearing and watching Yuki order him and Kyo around. The silver haired boy grinned lazily, grabbing Kyo’s face and kissing him deeply, their tongues wrestling for a moment before he broke off the kiss. He leaned back down on the bed, beckoning Kyo.

“Come here neko,” Haru purred seductively. The orange haired boy slid over, positioning himself as he opened his generous lips, descending upon Haru’s straining member, the cow juunishi almost screaming as his organ was swallowed and deep throated. Breathing deeply, Haru reminded himself what he had to do. He licked his lips, looking up. Pale hands slid tanned thighs apart further, pushing them down, dragging his finger slowly down the underside of Kyo’s erect penis. He let his tongue leap out to taste the cock, the essence that was uniquely Kyo. The cat moaned, the moan reverberating up Haru’s spine, inducing more pleasure. The silver-haired boy suddenly pushed down hard, the erect member plunging into the hot mouth of Haru. At that moment, both boys nearly went wild with pleasure, bucking and moaning as they sucked off each other.

Just as they were about to hit their peak, they were stopped by Yuki, almost crying in frustration. He pushed them apart, leaving Haru lying there, slightly dazed. He looked at Kyo with violet eyes, grinning and licking his lips.

“Suck me bitch,” he whispered, thrusting his cock into Kyo’s face. Immediately, the cat juunishi opened his mouth, swallowing the swollen organ, letting his throat massage the tip of the erect member. Yuki let out a groan, leaning heavily forward, hands on Kyo’s shoulders as the orange-haired boy created a vacuum of pure pleasure. Haru watched this increasing lust, suddenly getting up and positioning himself underneath Yuki. He urged Kyo to get onto his knees, spreading apart the muscular thighs with his hand, stroking the distended organ between the cat’s legs lightly, just enough to induce a shiver of pleasure into the orange-haired boy. He let his hands trail the inside of Kyo’s thighs, jolts of pleasure entering the already overloaded system of the cat juunishi. Haru then sucked on his index finger, then spread apart Yuki’s pale legs farther, tracing the outer rim of his sphincter. The mouse juunishi shuddered in this second quarter of pleasure, but refusing to ask for mer. The cow didn’t need to be told, he knew. He suddenly pushed the finger into Yuki, curling his finger inside the violet-eyed boy, stroking every pleasure spot he knew. Yuki gave a cry, eyes dilated from lust and want. “Fuck me. Now.”

Haru immediately obeyed, bringing Yuki down gently upon his swollen member as Kyo leaned forward. Yuki gasped from the pleasure, feeling only a little pain as he felt Haru fill him and stroke him from the inside, causing him to feel complete. He moaned, feeling inexorably filled to the limit. He grinned wickedly then, wiggling his ass and squeezing his ass muscles, causing Haru to scream in pleasure, feeling the tightness suddenly grow impossibly tight, the walls clamping on his cock. Blind with lust, he grabbed Kyo’s thighs and forced him down, fucking the cat’s erect member with his mouth. On and on they went, Kyo sucking Yuki off, Haru fucking Yuki and sucking off Kyo, and Yuki just getting fucked and enjoying it all. Just as they were all about to scream for the rising climax to take them, Yuki forced them all to stop. He carefully withdrew from the warm mouth and cock, suddenly lifting Kyo up to his feet and pushing him against the wall, pressing his body tightly against the cat juunishi.

“Take me, please!” Kyo whimpered. Yuki smiled devilishly.

“I don’t think I heard you koneko-chan,” Yuki replied simply. Kyo shut his eyes, shuddering from the denied pleasure. He opened them, the crimson eyes glowing.

“Please fuck me Yuki! Make me your bitch!” Kyo pleaded. In a flash, his leg was lifted around Yuki’s waist, the mouse’s slick cock with Kyo’s saliva pressing against the cat juunishi’s entrance. It was enough to drive Kyo wild.

“You asked for it, koneko-chan,” Yuki growled, pushing in agonizingly slow. He shut his eyes tight, lost in the pleasure. His thick member penetrated the virgin ass, the tightness of an unfucked ass incredible. Suddenly, he was hip to hip, connected only by his cock. Kyo was nearly crying from the pleasure, begging for more. Abruptly, he felt a prick of pain and something large invade his bowels, pushing up into him. Hot breath tickled his neck.

“You weren’t going to have fun without me, were you?” Haru whispered hotly, before pulling out completely and slamming back into Yuki. The mouse juunishi nearly screamed, suddenly spurred on and suddenly nailing Kyo’s ass to the wall, fucking with abandon as a thick cock went in and out of his own tight butt. He moaned as Kyo’s virginal walls clamped on his penis, massaging it with a tightness unimaginable. It seemed like ages as Yuki fucked Kyo, and Haru fucked Yuki, Kyo feeling the force of two people ramming into him, one directly and the other indirectly, mewling like a cat in heat. Yuki leaned forward, capturing Kyo’s mouth, pulling him into a powerful, heated, intoxicating kiss as Haru went crazy, humping Yuki’s ass like there was no tomorrow. All three were being rough and loving it.

“Are you my bitch, baka neko?” Yuki demanded, fucking harder than ever. Kyo moaned.

“Yes, yes, YES!” Kyo screamed, arching from the pleasure coursing through his body. Haru leaned forward to whisper in Yuki’s ear.

“You love it when I fuck you, you love it when I make you my little submissive uke. You love it to order me around, only for me to fuck you up the ass like you want it, rough and tough,” Haru whispered dirtily. He was nearing his peak, going faster now, his slick cock going in and out like a piston. He suddenly screamed, body arching as a white hot rush of pleasure engulfed his senses, his cock spasming inside of Yuki’s ass, blasting his insides with his cum.

Yuki felt Haru’s climax, just about at his. He started to fuck Kyo faster, Kyo’s cock rubbing erotically between their abs as they fucked barbarically against the wall. Suddenly, Kyo reached his peak, his senses flooded with a blazing surge of burning bliss, white, hot seed erupting from his member spraying all over their chests and stomach. This only turned Yuki on more, suddenly feeling Kyo clamp onto his cock tighter than ever, and only then did he climax with one final thrust, his body flooded with a sudden rush of erotic pleasure, emptying his cum out into this vessel. All three feeling the post-coital loss of energy, they all fell, still joined erotically as they fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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