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Fandom: Rival Schools. (PS1 Video Game)
Description/Sumarry: Batsu learns to dance?
Pairing: Hayato/Batsu
Warnings: Drinking, language, Shotacon, fluff...?
Rating: PG-13, maybe R.

Untitled Chapter 1

"Hey, watch where you’re going, kiddo!” Came the familiar booming voice of Nekketsu Hayato, Batsu’s Physical Education instructor.
“Hn…” Batsu muttered, trying to push past his instructor without being noticed.
This was the last place he wanted to be spotted by anyone, let alone an instructor.
“Wait.” The voice boomed again. “Come’ere fer a second.”
Instructor Hayato, judging by his slurred speech, had been drinking for quite some time. He was probably suffering another rejection from that Kyoko woman.
Batsu pushed, eyes closed, through the sea of bodies, writhing in sync with the throbbing dance music of the night club.
“Please,” He thought, trying to force his way past dancing couples “Please don’t let him see me.”
A strong hand grabbed Batsu by the arm, pulling him back to the bar.
“Batsu,” Hayato’s voice boomed again as he looked down into his students eyes as the throbbing techno beat abruptly ended. “Aren’t you a little young to be coming to a place like this?”
“I…” the younger man stammered, at a loss of words for the first time he could remember. “I just…”
“Shh…” Hayato cut him off, his whiskey laden breath blowing warm against Batsu’s face. “I love this song.”
The raven-haired youth stood awkwardly for a few moments, Hayato’s hand still firmly grasping his arm, until the instructor snapped out of his ‘trance’.
“Hey kiddo,” he mumbled, his mouth next to Batsu’s ear. “Wanna dance?”
“I…” Batsu started, attempting to protest, but finding it difficult to argue against the feel of the older mans stubble brushing against his cheek, and the feel of his breath on his earlobe.
“Good.” Hayato muttered, pulling Batsu out onto the dance floor.
“But… but… Instructor?” Batsu managed to say over the music as he allowed himself to be pulled into the crowd of undulating bodies
“I… I don’t know how to dance.”
“So?” Hayato called back to the youth. “Since when have you given two shits what people think?”
“Shut up.” Hayato snapped, pulling Batsu in close to him. “Everybody can dance.”
“But what?” He growled, his face mere inches away from Batsu’s.
“Isn’t it… strange?”
At this, Hayato couldn’t help but laugh.
“We’re in a dance club, kiddo. A gay dance club. Anything else would be strange.”
“Just shut up and move.” Hayato whispered, bringing his face a little closer to the students, his eyes half closed.
Batsu sighed and breathed in the sweet scent of alcohol, letting his eyes flutter closed as his lips pressed against the older mans in a soft kiss.
“Hey.” Hayato whispered, his mouth to Batsu’s ear again. “Do you wanna go back to my place?”
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