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I finally wrote more of my story. I hope you will all enjoy it...again

Title: Beautiful Sin
Rating: NC-17
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Pairings: Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Nida/Squall, and Selphie/Quistis


Warnings – Language, yaoi, yuri, lemon, homophobia, incest, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, exhibitionism, bondage, implied rape, suicidal attempts, and tons of angst.

Pairings: Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Zell/Squall, Nida/Squall, and Selphie/Quistis

Reason: A get-well soon fic for Meshia.

Rating- NC-17

Credits – I would to thank my friend Matt Alan a.k.a. Starsaber (LJ) for the inspiration for the pool table and trampoline scene.

Disclaimer: The song ‘Gone with the Sin’ by Him, which I forgot to put in the last chapter, does not belong to me. Final Fantasy 8 does not belong to me. Neither does Irvine (unfortunately), Squall, Seifer, Zell, Laguna, Nida, Quistis, Selphie or Squall’s sexy leather pants. Please do not sue me for playing around with them, as I have nothing and will probably only be able to reimburse you in down payments of spatulas. And Phsst! Everyone is with Squall XP

* * * *

I love your skin, so white

I love your touch, cold as ice

And I love every single tear you cry

I just love the way you’re losing your life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

I adore the despair in your eyes

I worship your lips once red as wine

I crave for your scent

Sending shivers down my spine

I love the way you’re running out of life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

-"Gone with the Sin"


* * * *

"So, why are we following them again?" Zell asked, his hands pressed into his pockets, while Selphie skipped ahead. It was a little odd, seeing Irvine and Squall together, the blonde always thought Squall was hooked up with Rinoa. In addition, in a way that it was just for show, to complete the fairy tale romance that everyone thought it would be. Life is not a fairy tale, so why should the so-called hero get the so-called damsel in distress, it just was not how things worked. Moreover, Zell knew Squall preferred men, thanks to that one raw kiss he stole in the Ragnarok after both of them got smashed, well, Squall got smashed.

"Cause, I wanna know where they’re going. And why the hell is Squall wrapped in a pink fluffy towel, and actually decided to go outside of his room in it!" Selphie cheered, bouncing up and down in excitement. "And after this, I get to spend some ‘quality time’ with my Quisty!" The brunette turn around and wink at the blonde now wincing at the thought of instructor Trepe and Selphie Tilmitt having "quality time".

Zell just shrugged and attempted to keep up with the pace Selphie was setting, tiring out his calve muscles. The fighter still wanted an answer from Squall; determined to get one no matter what. He noticed when he asked if Squall would go out with him, the lion fidgeted nervously, as if something was amiss or already knew about what the question was before it was asked. Was Zell that easy to read?

"Hey, Selph?" Zell tapped the petite girl on the shoulder, interrupting her from her snooping around the corner. Selphie held up one finger as to be hushed, while she watched the gunslinger and the towel clad lion walked down the hallway. "Ya know, Squall had a nice butt."

"Selph!" Zell hissed, crossing his arms against his chest. It was true, Squall did have a nice ass, but he did not need to be told that.

"What?" Turning around, Selphie glared at him, hands on her hips and a foot tapping on the ground.

"Did you tell Squall about me asking him out?" He had trusted Selphie not to tell Squall, it was going to be a surprise. If she really did tell him, and then she lost major respect points, now bring her down to about forty-seven points left. Yes, Zell kept respect points. Squall was the only one with a high number, were as Irvine had about two left.

"Uh…" She laughed nervously, scratching the back of his head, tittering back and forth. " Why would ya say something like that?" She let out a cheesy grin, her eyes not fully meeting Zell’s. The blonde huffed, a gleam of ire now forming in his eyes.

"Selph, you did say something, didn’t you?"

"Uh…BYE!" She squeaked, running she turned the corner, passing Irvine and Squall on the way. "ZELL IS GONNA KILL ME!"

Irvine and Squall blinked, dumbfounded that Selphie, and of all people was even the tinniest bit afraid of the chicken wuss. As the pair watched the girls retreating form, sprinting into the QUAD section; Irvine shrugged and grabbed a hold of Squall again, literally picking him up.

"Hey! Irvine!" Squall squirmed in Irvine’s warm arms, not caring about the friction that he was creating excited Irvine quite a bit, down…there. Irvine just chuckled and lent forward, lick the brim of Squall’s ear; causing the youth to move frantically, the writhing threatening to undo them both.

"Yea babe," He whispered hoarsely; if Squall kept up his squirming, they might not even make it to his room, or his pool table. Irvine might just do Squall right there in the hallway, and would not give a shit about spectators. A moan erupted from the back of the gunblade professional’s lips, which made Irvine smile against his skin.

"Put me the fuck down Kinneas!" He growled, and shoved himself out of Irvine’s arms, landing on his rear with a loud thump. Rubbing the sore area, he glanced up to see Irvine’s out stretched hand, offering it. "Thank you," As he took the hand, Irvine slammed his body up against the wall, the lion’s back touching the chilly metal. When he shivered, a wave of heat followed, simply because of the rigid member pressing against his inner thigh.

"Anything else, love?" The sharpshooter purred; kissing Squall’s neck, his soft hands trying to shimmy down the towel that was Squall’s only protection of clothing. He heard a gasp; a very high pitched more like a squeak gasp, when he let his hand twine around the now newly exposed semi-erection that the brunet was sporting. Squall felt hot and heavy in the palm of Irvine’s hand. The gunslinger let out a wide smirk as his hand made a hard upward stroke on the lion’s cock, watching with enchantment as the slayer of Ultimaecia bucked into the tight channel he created.

"N-nnmm…Please Irvy, fuck me already," Panted the brunet, trying to hold himself up against the wall, his hips moving to their own accord. The way that Irvine was making him feel was sinfully delicious; it made him conjecture what he had done to deserve this. Ah, yes, save the world, that should be reason enough.

"Nuh-uh, not until I hear you scream and beg…" Irvine ran his velvet soft tongue along his love’s collarbone, tasting a slight hint of sweat. His hand tighten around the organ, now fully erect and preparing to ejaculate. Irvine mused to himself; Squall was so precious, and deserving of care, special attention. Moreover, public displays of affection really got the sharpshooter hot, especially when he knew they had an audience. Zell.

The small fighter had been watching the two since Selphie ran off, his baby blue eyes transfixed on the sight before him. His crush, moaning and panting like a wild animal, just carnal pleasure over riding his sense, making emotions raw and meaningful. Zell gulped as Squall threw his head back, hearing the skull of the brunet meat the cold metal with a morbid familiarity, heat and blood pumping straight down to the tattooed youth’s groin. ‘Gods Squall, I wish that was me making you feel those things…

"Nn, baby, why don’t we move this to the bedroom," Irvine purred seductively, flashing a glare and a lecherous grin back at Zell, who now had the surprised look of being spotted. "I don’t want you to finish before I’m buried in your tight heat." Squall only nodded, collapsing in the gunslinger’s arms and numbly being dragged off into the taller youth’s quarters.

Zell let out an exasperated sigh; he was tired, a little heartbroken, and horny as hell. Well, there were two reasons to use the shower rooms near the TRAINING section were for; one getting dirt off of one’s self after a grueling day of battling, two, getting rid of some, pent-up sexual frustrations. To Zell, the second choice was definitely an option he was giving real thought considering. He had seen a lifetime of Squall induced fantasy, and now one more was just added to the book. Only it was him instead of Irvine in at scenario. Well, a thought for later, off to the showers.

* * * *

"Gods you’re so hot," Irvine husked, sitting his love upon the pool table in the centre of his dorm. He admired the view of Squall’s legs slightly spread, braced back on his arms, and his hair sexily spread across his face. The cowboy grasped the lion’s hips, planting a kiss on the soft pouting lips, before making a trek downward. Lips felt soft against scarred flesh of Squall’s chest, making the brunet shiver underneath the physical scrutiny.

"You’re such a goddamned tease, Kinneas," Squall panted, wriggling when the tanned figure moved his head downward. Moist breath ghosted over the head of his weeping erection, trying to move his hips up in emphasis for Irvine to engulf him. He was so close; Squall was nearly to tears because of the painful throb of his cock. The lion hissed as Irvine’s tongue darted out, lapping at the pre come that gathered, but refusing to do anything else. Irvine moved back up his love, his hands dancing across moonlight pale skin, feathery in touch.

"Don’t think I’m going to give you head, darlin’. I said I didn’t want you to come until I was buried to the hilt inside you, and I meant that." Chortled Irvine, a smug look that seemed to plaster eternally on his handsome face made its was into the view of Squall. Irvine knew his love could be impatient, and angry if tested for too long. Yet, it was so much fun to murder the last of the shorter youth’s tolerance. He wanted to hear it, he wanted to see the expression on Squall’s face, he just wanted to hear those few words leak from the supple lips of Squall.

"Fine," Squall breathed, his arms moving to twine around Irvine’s neck, bringing their bodies into closer contact. "Just take me already!" His blunt nails drew little circles in the back of the sharpshooter, and would usually leave little red marks that he could trace with his tongue in the afterglow of everything.

Irvine arched his back as the scratches moved downward, near the small of his back, awaking every nerve in his spinal cord. "How do you want it?"

"I want to see your face. I want to feel every single inch of you, taking me back in forth as I moan in pleasure in my climax. I want to feel you come inside, to hear a roar erupt from those gorgeous lips of yours," Squall replied huskily. Irvine blinked for a second, considering and registering what Squall just said, and how descriptive he was in the process.

"Wow. That was unusually detailed, even for you." Irvine shivered as his mind made up and images to go with that phrase. "But it was so damn sexy," He growled, moving away from the soothing warmth of Squall’s body. The auburn haired youth padded across the floor, searching the kitchen cabinets for some type of lubrication. Thinking momentarily about how Squall didn’t mind is being painful and how they would be okay with lube, he cast a look at Squall. Seeing the angelic look upon his face, and how seductively spread out on the pool table he was, he reconsidered it, and grabbed a bottle of cooking oil. ‘Gotta return this to Selphie in the morning, if there’s any left. Heh…’ Irvine reached behind his head, and pulled out the wire hair tie, scattering his lovely hair on his shoulders.

Squall observed as Irvine strided back to him, a bemused smile marking his face. He laughed at the amazed look the sharpshooter gave him as he grabbed the oil from Irvine’s hand, and coated his own two fingers with it. The cowboy arched an eyebrow, confused about what role he now played.

"Don’t worry Irvy, you’re still going to get to be inside my ‘tight heat’ as you call it," Squall joked, spreading his own legs farther apart, his eyes now locked with Irvine’s. The cowboy tilted his face slightly, almost nervous at what his uke was doing. A slim, oil hand settled between the brunet’s thighs, with obvious intent. "Watch me, Irvine…" He husked, as he slipped his own finger inside himself, grinding against the digit.

"Fuck…" Irvine moaned, and began to stroke himself. The things Squall was doing to himself was erotic, and extremely appealing to the eyes. The youth held no shame in the burrows of his eyes, slipping another finger inside, stretching himself further.

Squall grinned; pressing a third finger inside, a moan breaching from his saliva coated lips. The three digits pumped in and out, while the lion’s never lost the gaze of his Galbadian sweetheart. "Not yet, Kinneas…" Irvine hissed at this, his mind already imagining that he was in Squall, the organ throbbing madly in his palm. The cowboy barely registered as Squall covered his other hand with the lube, and reached forward, bating his own hand out the way.

"Oh Hyne…" Irvine moaned, and bucked into the hand that was now moistening his cock with the cooking oil. Pearls of pre come dripped off his head, pooling a bit on the tile floors. Squall cast an impish mocking look at his lover and bent his head down, snaking out a tongue to taste. He was mostly turn on by the hearty groan that Irvine let out, rough hands tangling in his spider web soft hair. "N-nn…I’m gonna cum in yer hair if you don’t hurry up with whatever yer doin’!" English was not a primary suspect during the act of their lovemaking, so neither of the boys truly cared.

"Fine, fine. No need to get all huffy about it!" The warrior snorted, and sat back on the pool table’s edge, beckoning with one slender finger. Irvine licked his lips, his body swaying, moonlight tracing shadows on his muscles, highlighting the hidden pectorals. Squall was a front lines fighter, a general class even, his body used for strength and endurance, so more muscle tone was visible. Yet, snipers were supposed to be fast and sharp, not bulky.

Irvine placed his hands upon Squall’s hips, and hoisted the youth closer to his lap. With one liquid movement like thrust, his buried inside the tight passageway of his love, groaning at the immediate acceptance. The sharpshooter eyes were half-closed in pleasure, while Squall bucked under him; smooth legs now twining around the cowboy’s waist.

"C’mon Irvine, fuck me already!" Squall roared, rolling his hips. Irvine nestled his head in the crook his darlings neck, pulling part way out, only to slam home again. The sniper felt Squall’s body jerk up as he slammed up again the boys prostate. The tight ring clenched around him as the movement continued to progress, as it felt like Irvine’s cock never left Squall’s hot spot. They had made love so many times, that they had already known what made the other feel good. For Irvine, it was the simple act of it all. For Squall, it the rough carnal pleasure of it all. Well, what else would it be? Love? Ha!

Squall let out tiny moans, trying to elevate his body to put more into his back thrusts, all the while trying to fall complete on the table his trembling body was shacked upon. Controlling his minor thoughts, he triggered a muscle tense around Irvine, causing the auburn haired male to cry out. It was a small trick the commander had picked up when he was with Seifer, and how it enhanced both their experiences each time. Each time, he was not allowed to see Seifer’s face. Each time he was told he was too pretty to be a guy. Each time it hurt. However, each time with Irvine, felt like divine retribution. If Seifer was a sin, and Irvine was a confessional, then Squall had plenty to confess.

"Hyne, again. Oh do that again, baby…" Irvine pleading, now rocking his hips in a upward motion, driving harder in to the boy. Squall nodded, reaching up and grabbing a fistful of the sweat soaked locks of Irvine’s hair, now coating them in a veil against the onlookers from the other dorm building. Squall let his other hand grasped his erection, stroking it in tune with Irvine’s thrusts.

Irvine lent down further, placing Squall’s legs on his shoulders, holding onto the skinning thighs with all his might. With enthusiastic cries of ‘harder!’ ‘faster’, Irvine drove in roughly, angrily to a point. It suddenly dawned on him when Squall screamed in climax, his white essence spurting across each other’s bellies; why Squall always wanted it rough. It was the way Seifer taught him, to be treated like this. Like he was just some doll to taken and taken over again, and then thrown haphazardly across the floor, until his death. Death was in love with this boy. It seemed to follow him like a ghost, haunting his dreams and chilling him even in the warmest of beds.

"Irvine? Are you okay?" Irvine broke away from his train of though, glancing down at a confused Squall. It appeared to be that he had stopped in the midst to gather why it was always like this.

"Hey Squall," Irvine pulled out, ignoring the beating of his own member as it nearly caused him to screw the question and just slam right back into the awaiting lion.

"Yea?" Squall folded his legs up and let his eyes raked up and down Irvine, as if he was trying to pieces of a puzzle together. He gasped as Irvine tugged him into his arms, his sleepy body nuzzling into the secure heat.

"You didn’t think I would notice, did you?" Irvine pulled his head back, gazing into Squall’s eyes. The stormy blue eyes were misty, with slight red puff. He was crying during the act. It did not hurt Squall, this Irvine knew, but something else caused the brunet weep.


"You were crying Squall, don’t deny it."


"You were thinking of Seifer, weren’t you?" Irvine bit his bottom lip, when a nod brushed against his chest. "It’s okay, babe. You’re mine, he can’t hurt you." Irvine laid a kiss on top of the lion’s head, burying his nose in the soft chocolate locks. Something wet dribbled down his chest, and the small creature in his arms was trembling. "Hush, hush…" Tenderly he petted Squall’s back. It stung, to him, that Squall still loved Seifer, and how the blonde had betrayed the beautiful animal.

"It hurts, Irvine…"

"I know…"

Silence. An awkward silence, one that was indeed need of questioning.

"Squall…I love you." It was the first time; Irvine had openly admitted it, to anyone for that matter. He was so sure that the burning sensation his got in his chest, and the warmth that flooded through his very senses, veins, and whole being at the mere sound of Squall’s name, was labeled as love. Love, funny, that it was.

"….I love you too, Irvine."


A/N- Alright, that was a little weird for one my endings! So, how did you all like the lemon, even though I wasn’t very descriptive, Irvine didn’t get to have an orgasm, and it’s like…three in the morning…*twitches* Coffee, thank god for coffee. Strong black coffee… Anyway, I know it was a little angsty at the end, but I can’t help it! I was going to make this story a bit more humorous, and try, but…Fuck that. It wasn’t that good, at least I think so. Really, really sappy, and I beg you’re forgiveness…REVIEW LOVES! AND I SHALL CHERISH YOU FOR ALL TIME!



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