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Greenhorn Goodness

I'm a huge yaoi fangirl, of course, and I love to write Final Fantasy works...Hopefully you will also like my type of style in the yaoi world.

Title: Beauiful Sin
Author:Braided Baka
Fandom: Final Fantasy 8
Pairings: Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Zell/Squall, and Selphie/Quistis
Rating: NC-17
WARINGS: Language, yaoi, yuri, lemon, homophobia, incest, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, exhibitionism, bondage, implied rape, suicidal attempts, and tons of angst!
( And for those wondering about the Laguna/Squall pairing, I told my friend...and their response was: ohhh! That's so pervy! <3)

Enjoy! XP


Warnings – Language, yaoi, yuri, lemon, homophobia, incest, drug and alcohol abuse, depression, exhibitionism, bondage, implied rape, suicidal attempts, and tons of angst.

Pairings: Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Squall, Laguna/Squall, Zell/Squall, Nida/Squall, and Selphie/Quistis

Reason: A get-well soon fic for Meshia.

Rating- NC-17

Credits – I would to thank my friend Matt Alan a.k.a. Starsaber (LJ) for the inspiration for the pool table and trampoline scene.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy 8 does not belong to me. Neither does Irvine (unfortunately), Squall, Seifer, Zell, Laguna, Nida, Quistis, Selphie or Squall’s sexy leather pants. Please do not sue me for playing around with them, as I have nothing and will probably only be able to reimburse you in down payments of spatulas. And Phsst! Everyone is with Squall XP

* * * *

I love your skin, so white

I love your touch, cold as ice

And I love every single tear you cry

I just love the way you’re losing your life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

I adore the despair in your eyes

I worship your lips once red as wine

I crave for your scent

Sending shivers down my spine

I love the way you’re running out of life

My baby how beautiful you are

My darlin’ completely torn apart

You’re gone with the sin my baby

And beautiful you are

So gone with the sin my darlin’

* * * *

"Give it to me! Come on! Stop teasing me! You know I want it!" Squall growled fiercely, his impatience trying him every second. His fist bashed against atop the VCR player, it was time to upgrade to a DVD no less. "Damn technology…" He spat, ignoring the chuckled that his lover gave him from the bed. Irvine, they had recently decided to become lovers, both of them tired of loneliness.

"Y a know, if I just walked in on you sayin’ that…I would think you were being fucked." The sharpshooter laughed, but that thought was not really funny. A gun callused hand swept through his auburn locks, musing about Squall and another man. It would be so bad, as long as he was there, and he did not have to really share all that much. The only other one that knew about his newfound relationship with Squall, was his best friend at the Garden, Selphie. She of course, did not mind at all, being to infatuated with the instructor Quistis, and vise versa. The pair decided to hide their true desires, knowing the scandal that it would create.

"Heh. Jealous?" Squalls purred, giving up the battle with the stubborn machine and strided gracefully back to the bed, were he was welcomed with open arms. The lion tumbled into the warmth of the sharpshooter’s lean, yet strong embrace, cuddling him in an epitome of heat. He sighed heavily, his lean fingers reaching up to tangle in the long auburn locks of the cowboy, all the while inhaling the cowboy’s saccharine scent.

Irvine smirked, his hands resting on his lover’s lean hips, thumbs messaging the hollow near his navel. "Maybe," He replied huskily, pecking Squall on the cheek with his soft lips. "Depends if I get to join in or not." Irvine pulled back to let his mate see the mischievous glint in his amethyst eyes. Yet he expression quickly sadden as his eyes cast upon the forlorn visage his boyfriend was wearing.

"Squall? Something wrong babe?" Irvine murmured, stroking the soft chocolate locks of spider web hair that the lion nuzzled against the crook of his neck.

"Laguna Loire."

"Ah." That was all that needed to be said. Squalls' so called father was coming for a visit, and on the night that the pair was going to announce their engagement to each other. Squall was going to tell Laguna eventually, but fear made his decision become postponed, more than it was already. Though the decided date was weeks away, the mere thought of Squall telling the man sent shivers to dance up and down his spine.

"And…Seifer" Irvine twitched at the mention of the blonde’s name. Seifer had trouble Squall ever since they were little children in Edea’s or Matrons orphanage, always picking on him and attempting to best him at, well, everything. It was still the same way as it was back then, now. Except, Seifer had chosen to fulfill his "romantic dream" and become the sorceress’s knight.

"Don’t worry about it babe. Any one else?" The sharpshooter already knew what name was going to leak its way from Squall’s supple lips.

"Rinoa." And there it was. Three people his little lion weren’t comfortable around anymore, people that had broken his heart into little pieces and left him stranded in some godforsaken place to rot in his own misery. Laguna, he was never a father to the boy, and did not even know that Squall existed on the face of the earth. Well, not until he needed help to defend Esthar from the Lunar Cry. Seifer, his lover long before Irvine, and just a simple jealous love that could get what he wanted from the youth and cruelly ripped his heart apart with his gunblade. Rinoa, the young sorceress that had opened Squall up, to unveil his emotions to the world. Then crushed his dream of ever being loved by anyone else. Yet, then there was Irvine, the cowboy that had tried to desperately to keep his feelings for the Balamb lion a secret, but gave him solace in Rinoa’s parting. By that stroke, the two fell in love, a complicated, yet an almost surreal love.

"Hey, Irvine?"


"…Nevermind, just hold me."

"Anything as long as I’m close to you, babe."

* * * *

"Heeeey Squall!" Selphie cried, skipping up the commander that seemed lost in the crowd of the big party, celebrating Squall’s achievements as one of the best SeeDs and the others in the group. The Garden had chosen to give them honorary positions among other things, and one thing had to do was welcome two famous guests. Laguna Loire, president of Esthar, and Rinoa Heartily, a descendant of Hyne, people that Squall nor Irvine wanted to see there.

"Hey." Squall blankly said, nursing a small shot of vodka. "Do you know where Irvine is Seph?" He needed to find his lover, and discuss how they were going to do this, if not tonight, then tomorrow at the ceremony.

"Nope, sorry Squall! But I got big news, and promise not to tell anyone?" She said gleefully, her body swaying back and forth in excitement. The lion looked upon his female companion, deciding to indulge her, he nodded yes. "Quisty and I are together!" Squall nearly gagged on the wash of alcohol that swept down his throat. He started dumbfounded at the brunette talking to him about her newfound and totally unexpected relationship.

"I-I thought you were with Zell…" Squall muttered cautiously. First off, he thought Selphie was a perfect heterosexual girl, and two, Quistis hates relationships.

"Nah, two weeks into our relationship, he announced to me that he’s gay. " She did not even sound the least bit remorseful about it. Zell is gay, Selphie is with Quistis, Rinoa and Laguna are here, and Irvine and Squall still need to announce their engagement, which will also be the time that both of them come out of the closet. "It’s okay though. I wasn’t really into him that much. I like him better as a friend does. Plus," as she spoke with a wink. "He has a massive crush on you!" Squall felt himself wince at this.

"Oh really?"

"Don’t tell him I said this. However, he’s gonna ask you out tonight! Tee-hee!" She bubbled, running off as she caught a glimpse of her girlfriend talking to Headmaster Cid by the elevator.

Once again for the umpteenth time this night, shivers played against Squall’s spine. Zell was interested in him? He had always held a torch for the fiery youth, but never really knew that his feelings would be the same in the petite blonde’s eyes, yet he had Irvine. No possible way was he going to betray him. Irvine was his first real love, and no one could replace him. Some how, some where, people were unknowingly against his love life. Saying that the great slayer of Ultimaecia should wallow alone, and never truly encounter anyone else except the sorceress he was supposed to protect. That worked out just peachy, Rinoa had left her knight for Seifer. After a few months, she came crawling back, pleading and begging for Squall to take her back, saying things like "But he’s not as strong as you are!" "You need me! They only like you because of me!" and other shit like that. It was fucking unbelievable!

The gunblade professional almost let out a surprise yelp when a hand clapped him on the back of his shoulder. Turning, slightly infuriated, and ready to flame whoever interrupted him from his internal monologue, his stormy blue eyes met with serene gray. Laguna Loire had found him, about time.

"President Loire," The youth respectably spoke, bowing his head slightly.

"Come on, Squall! How times have I told you just to call me Laguna?" The older male said cheerfully, his hand still on Squall’s shoulder. Realizing that the mans hand was messaging his one tense shoulder, he jerked away. This man was the reason his was tense. Once he told everyone about his affair with the sharpshooter from Galbadia garden, all that mattered was Laguna’s opinion. If he wanted, the man could cut all supplies and diminish the SeeD forces from Balamb in a heartbeat, so it was best to tread softly with this man.

"Right…Laguna. So, what’s up?" Whispered Squall, he was feeling a bit more casual now that the president was acting as if he was on level terms with him. Laguna just smiled, and grabbed a hold of the boy’s arm and dragged him off to a secluded place, where they could hear each other better.

The pair came to a stop in the empty hallways of the DORM section, the buzzing of the students and officials conversations wafting away in their ears. Squall cast a perplexed look at Laguna, who just smiled down on him.

"Why do we need to be here to talk?" The lion did not notice that much that he was being back up into a wall, by his father’s forward foot steps.

"I need to tell you something very important, Squall." Squall just nodded, feeling a sense of nervousness creep through his body as the black haired male place his hand right next to his head, and leant very closely to his own face. Excessively close. Offensively close. Lovingly close.

"I just want you to know. As your father, I’m prouder than I ever was of you…" Laguna continued, he face so near that the petite brunet could feel the hot breath moisten his face. "Yet, as a man…" He husked, his eyes lidded with some type of lust. "I want you," Purring, Laguna pressed his lips over Squall’s, tasting the sweetness of the man below him.

Squall gasped, unable to move from this attack, his arms pinned by the man above him. Slowly, he felt lips part and Laguna’s tongue press into his mouth, invading him with the taste of cinnamon. When the slick muscle of the gray haired male tongue moved around his mouth, practically trying to suckle on his tonsils, Squall bit down. The lion tasted the iron in blood, followed by a shriek, and the man withdrawing, blood dribbling from the corners of his mouth.

Laguna wiped the blood from his face, examining it as it caked on his fingers, dying the skin a morbid shade. "I guess I surprised you, " He laughed, his backward emotions confusing his son. "Well, if you want company later on, you know where to find me…Son." He moved from Squall’s body, letting it slump to the floor, and walked off. The brunet watched his father leave, his hair trailing behind him in as if it were a dark storm cloud.

As soon as the man was gone, Squall darted back into the dense crowd, now desperately in search of Irvine. Too many goddamned things were happening now, and he was sure that he could not sort half the emotions coursing throughout his body alone.

"Squall! There you are!" Not again, cursed Squall, as his flushed face met with Zell’s. He noted how Zell looked extremely anxious, just remembering what Selphie had mentioned early in the night. He’s gonna ask you out tonight! Tee-hee! ‘Damn you Seph, for even telling me these things!’ A lump made its way in his throat as Zell brushed his hand against his own, a impish grin on his face.

"Yea?" His eyes shifted around nervously, searching for his cowboy hat clad lover, but no trace. Although he did catch the eyes Laguna who just winked at him, and continued to talk to Cid and Matron.

"Ya know, I was thinking, since we’ve known each other for so long…That ya know," The blonde stuttered, his feet shuffling across the dusted tile flooring. "Maybe we could, like hang out sometime. Not just as friends…kinda." A furious blush crosses his child like face as his continued to blabber on to Squall about things. The lion felt the throb of a headache in the middle of his scar.

"Squall, will you go out with me?!" Zell finally blurts out, loud enough for the whole assembly to hear. Voices quiet and people stare at the two SeeDs, now intrigued by the sudden spectacle.

"I…Uh…" Squall cannot help but writhe uneasily, as he knows who eyes are upon him. Laguna’s narrowing at Zell, Selphie’s looking happily at them for a yes, and Irvine’s, somewhere he’s watching this event, judging Squall’s every action.

"Please?" He cried, baby blue eyes searching the lion’s face for a simple answer.

The headache intensified, and Squall closed his eyes and pushed past Zell, trying to move away from everyone, not being able to deal with the humiliation. As he retreated to his room, the sounds of people’s voice now cooed like a soft rain, and then steadily back into muttered conversations.

"What did I do?" Zell blinked once or twice, turning to Selphie who just shrugged her shoulders, then embrace Quistis. The fighter sighed heavily, and chose to follow their fearless leader back to his dorm room.

* * * *

"Figured you’d be here. After what happened down there." Squall clouded eyes gleamed at Irvine’s form leaning against the doorframe, his cowboy hat shadowing his eyes. The sharpshooter strided over to the bed that his distraught love sat on, sitting next to him, and pulling him in a heated embrace. The shorter youth rested his head in the crook of Irvine’s tan and lean neck, closing his eyes.

"Why is every thing so fucked up today Irvy?" Spat Squall, his fingers tracing over the well embroider necklace that gracefully fell on the sharpshooters’ collarbone, right above the lacy vest.

" ‘Cause, every person from ever Garden on the earth is here. Waiting for the great Squall Leonhart to make his important speech tomorrow, our important speech. " Irvine nuzzled his face in Squall’s ruffled locks, kissing the top of his head. Carefully, Irvine slid the fur pelted jacket away from Squall’s body and threw is haphazardly to the floor, right after joined his hat and duster.

"Gods, Irvine…You’re so sexy," Squall purred, undoing the buttons of the mauve vest, slipping it from his lovers tanned skin. Irvine let a coy grin dance its way across his face as Squall fiddled with the buckle on his chaps and black jeans. Feeling the urge to touch soft milky skin, the cowboy let his hands roam up the brunet’s shirt, chuckling when the body shivered.

The auburn haired youth hoisted the white cotton tee from Squall, bearing his perfect body to the new cold air. "Thank you," The sharpshooter lent forward, nipping at the lobe of Squall’s ear, drawing a slight moan from his little lion. Irvine wriggled out of his leather chaps and pants, also pulling down the black leather from his mate’s lean legs. He prayed to God, thanking him for Squall, simply because Squall was absolutely beautiful. Too wonderful to real and too beautiful to left alone.

"Squall," Irvine breathed, leaving a trail of feathery kisses all over the petite dorm beneath his wandering touch. " Wanna try something new babe?" Squall felt the smile of Irvine’s lips as the cowboy encircled his nipple with his lips, eliciting a moan to break lose.

"Nani?" Squall murmured, his hands moving down to grope Irvine’s ass.

"Back in my room, I have a pool table…" The cowboy laughed, picking up Squall from the bed.

"Do your kinky tendencies never stop?" Squall rolled his eyes, kissing Irvine’s neck, feeling for a pulse to suckle on. Irvine wrapped a towel around Squall’s waist, and grabbed himself a robe.

"Not really," The sharpshooter smiled at his lover, grabbing his hand and leading him out the doors of Squall’s door and into the empty hallway. Squall plucked his hand away from Irvine’s grasp, seemingly upset about something. Irvine turned around, arching an eyebrow, eyes raking up and down his uke that was clothed in a fluffy towel.

"What’s wrong?"

"Isn’t Laguna staying right next door to you?"

"Yea, so?"


"Oh, that…He’s bound to find about us sooner or later, love."

"It’s not that, Irvine."

"Then what is it?"


"Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll all be fine." He placed a hand around Squall’s waist, drawing him close to the heat of his own body. "Trust me babe. I love you." With that said, he placed a kiss on the brunet’ pouting lips and lead him off to his room, located a further bit down the halls. Squall padded behind him, looking like he was being dragged against his will down the hallway.

"I wonder where those two are going…" The now appearing Zell whispered to Selphie, who was hiding behind him.

"Let’s follow them!" Selphie winked at Zell, and dashed down the quiet hallway, her boots making little noises, as she tried to stay shadow distance from the pair.


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