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Hello. I write Yaoi. Mainly for Yu Yu Hakusho, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, and Slayers. At the moment. Though occasionally I branch out.

Title: When Worlds Collide
Authors: Chrissy Sky and Kaylbunny
Fandom: Gundam Wing/Harry Potter
Pairing: Main focus upon Duo/Harry and Heero/Snape. The latter one, for obvious reasons to the authoresses, is taking a great deal longer to come about.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Description: A crossover. Many have thought it to be rather original (it should, actually, I haven't read any other HP/GW xovers). Beginning in the GW-verse on the New Years Eve right after the Mariemaya Incident (EW). Which is, what, early AC 197? When "teleported", for lack of a better word, to Hogwarts, it is 1996. Takes place after Order of The Pheonix - and you'll probably be confused if you haven't read it. The kids have returned to Hogwarts for their sixth year, Harry still Angst!bitch from Sirius dying, when a certain braided boy falls into his lap. Literally. Will have: Lemons, fluff, angst, fluffy!Angst, smut, and plot. Lots of plot. Lots of smut too, though.

The countdown till midnight began, and numerous voices around him yelled along as they watched the television screen and holding their wine glasses at the ready. But Heero Yuy heard it distantly. It was always easier to ignore loud sounds than it was small, quieter ones.

His thoughts were inward. Only days ago he had been in a hospital bed, healing from injuries he'd sustained to save the host of the New Years party he had been dragged to tonight. He had been near death, but Lady Une had taken him from Relena's grasp and rushed him, along with young Mariemaia Khushrenada, to a hospital. Mariemaia was alive and well, smiling and laughing along with the adults; though she was disappointed when no one would allow her any alcoholic beverages.

And there he was, physically healed and deemed ready for social interaction. Ha.

Looking around the room, he picked out familiar faces. Une sat beside Mariemaia, watching the events around her with a peaceful smile. Lucrezia Noin was nearby, talking animatedly to Sally Po. Those two had been best friends ever since they had joined forces to rescue Heero's first Gundam, Wing. Relena was on the other side of Mariemaia, talking with the girl. Despite recent events, the two of them got along rather nicely now.

Quatre Raberba Winner stood in a great mass of diplomats, Trowa Barton loyally at his side. Heero had a sneaking suspicion that Trowa was paying more attention to Quatre's glowing face than to the party in general. Like Heero, Trowa didn't much go for social events.

A group of people wearing Preventer uniforms stood off to the right, in the farthest corner. Wufei Chang was with them, also in uniform, heatedly debating something. People kept moving back and forth in front of Heero, blocking his vision, so he couldn't read Wufei's lips clearly enough to guess what it was about.

Although, he didn't feel any real anger coming from Wufei's direction. Mostly frustration. So it wasn't something he should worry about.

"Onii-chan!" said a voice, and a figure dressed in black sat himself down next to Heero.

He turned slowly to look at Duo's bright face. "‘Onii-chan?’" A part of him was amused.

Duo Maxwell nodded vigorously. "Wufei’s teaching me."

This was all Quatre's fault. He was sure of it. Even if it was Wufei who taught Duo what 'brother' meant in Japanese. Quatre had come to the hospital to see him, saying, "Heero, if you ever need anything, anything at all, then let us know. We're your brothers. We're here for you." Duo had been present for the conversation and had taken it to heart.

Although, under duress he still wouldn't admit that the sentiment had warmed him.

The countdown finished. Confetti went flying, people cheering out louder than before. He and Duo both ducked instinctively, though the braided one found more amusement out of it than he did.

His thoughts were on something that had been bothering him since he had woken in the hospital. Something about his flight from Wing Zero... Something he was forgetting... But for the life of him he couldn't remember what it was. He had been delirious from the pain. His memories of right before he'd fallen unconscious were hazy at best.

But still, there was something. It wasn't going to go away until he had figured it out either.

Duo leaned forward so Heero had to meet his violet-eyed gaze. "Hey. Something's bothering you, huh?"

"Am I that transparent?"

The other smiled warmly. "Well, I know you don't like parties. If it had been me, I would've let you stay home.” Relena and Quatre had forced him to come. “But, I think it's got nothing to do with some silly party, right?"

"Right,” he confirmed; he wasn't going to lie to Duo, he would see straight past it. "Something's bothering me."

"Perhaps it's best that we don't speak in front of so many people." This was not Duo's voice. He recognized it instantly as Wufei. He looked up to see that the Chinese boy had joined them. Quatre and Trowa were right behind him. Quatre's large blue eyes were full of worry.

Duo stood up with a sort of hop. "Quick, let's make our escape before we're spotted!"

"I hardly think were going to be chastised for going on a walk, Maxwell," Wufei commented.

"You never know," said Duo in a sing-song tone. It suggested an undertone of sarcasm that said, 'All the women we know are seriously mental and they could snap at any moment if they saw us stealing Heero.'

"Come on, guys, let’s go into the garden to talk," Quatre lightly ordered. It wasn't that he thought they would argue, it was because he knew there was something wrong. He could feel it.

Heero followed his four self-proclaimed brothers out the French doors, glancing back only to meet the steely blue eyes of someone who had been just as silent as he through the party. Zechs Marquise - Milliardo Peacecraft - nodded his head in parting. The tall blonde sat alone, his long platinum hair unbound a usual, and was drinking red wine. In his heart, Heero knew Zechs could feel it too, this uneasiness. But he would not be the one to ask Zechs to join them. None of the others trusted him. Heero returned the nod and closed the doors behind him as he exited.

The garden was cold; everything was covered in a thin sheet of snow. Lamp posts decorated the path, and lit upon the fallen snow, giving the area an ethereal look. The lights from the house illuminated whatever the lamps didn't. It was easy for them to see each other and the area around them. There was no one but the five young men. They headed down the lighted pathway to an area with seating in a little alcove behind a fountain.

Even though there was nobody in sight but themselves, they all subconsciously picked the sheltered spot. Old habits were hard to brake such a short time after the war.

Quatre sat close to Trowa, and the taller boy put an arm securely around the blond, holding him close. Out of public eye they were not afraid to show their affection. Duo sat down on Quatre's other side, giving over his body heat to help keep him warm.

Heero and Wufei sat on the bench facing them, making it easier for them all to see each other.

"So," Duo said uncomfortably. When he said nothing else, they glanced at his smiling face.

Quatre spoke, looking at Heero. "You've been uneasy about something all night."

"He's not the only one to notice either," Wufei supplied. "We all have."

"Isn't this weird?" Duo said thoughtfully. "I mean, we all can feel each other. We have for the past year."

"Since the end of the war," Trowa added.

"It's like we all have a… connection."

"Empathy," Quatre said in his soft voice. "We can feel each other's emotions."

"Great, now we all have Uuchu no Coconut like Quatre," Duo teasingly stated. (1)

Wufei sighed with obvious exasperation. "Kokoro, Duo, kokoro."

"Whatever," he dismissed with a flick of his hand. "The point is, we can all sense each other now. Is it just me, or is anybody else freaked too?"

"I think," Trowa said slowly. Deliberately, no one answered Duo's question. "I think it started after Quatre's flight with the Zero System. When you installed it in Sandrock, Heero."

Quatre had been the last among them to take a test run with the system. After then he had taken it out of his Gundam, announcing to Heero that he didn't need it. It was as if the Zero system was imprinted in his mind and he didn't need it anymore. Though it scared him to admit that's how it felt.

Heero suddenly looked at Trowa as if he had answered the most complicated riddle imaginable. And in a way, he just had.

It all fell into place now. The Zero system! That's what had been bothering him.

"Heero?" Quatre asked. They were all staring at him.

"I know what's bothering me," he said unnecessarily. They had already guessed this much. "I remember, as I was exiting Wing Zero that last time, I glanced down at the system. For some reason it was intact, though it was inactive. Gun fire had not penetrated the outer covering."

"Though it penetrated you pretty good," Duo pointed out.

He ignored Duo's comment and plowed on. "We need to destroy it."

"Huh?" Duo was thrown off by the statement.

Wufei nodded understandingly next to Heero. "Yes. If it gets into the wrong hands..." He left that hanging. Guilt filled him again. After all, he was not the one who had pretended to join the Barton Rebels. He had really been ready to fight against his old comrades in service of Mariemaia. Luckily, no one had asked about that yet. And Heero already understood why.

Heero stood abruptly and began to walk off, in a direction that would lead him out of the yard. The others followed without questions. They all knew what would happen if the system got into the wrong hands. Plus, they were loath to leave Heero alone. God knows what lengths he would go to destroy it. They didn't want their 'brother' to harm himself, as he was sometimes likely to do.


"Why would they keep it in a place like this?"

"Because, Duo," Wufei said in a rather contemptuous voice, though it wasn't his friend he was angry at, "the Preventers think we're too stupid to find out the information ourselves and break in."

The facility, or rather, what was left of it, was heavily guarded with Preventer agents who were half asleep anyway. It was well after midnight. Heero lead the way into the dark warehouse, sneaking them in through an open window.

It was an old Oz facility, to be exact. All of them had broken into too many that were identical to this one. It was particularly moronic and insulting that the Preventers stored the remains of Wing Zero here, awaiting its turn to be destroyed.

Once they were inside they made their way to the remains of the Gundam. Duo snorted derisively. "They have such tight security here."

"They think the war is over," Quatre replied simply.

Heero was staring at the remains. His face was unreadable in the pale light cast from the moon. He then turned to look at his four friends.

"Can you feel it? It's calling to us."

Quatre shivered at his tone, giving a nod.

They all moved closer to the remains, as if drew in by some magnetic force.

Heero lead the way. The new wings Heero had installed only months before were utterly irreparable(2). Of course, that could be said about the whole mobile suit. Heero moved past them, touching the metal fondly, memories suddenly overwhelmed with images of himself working on the Gundam when it had been in its prime.

The others kept their distance for a while, allowing him to reminisce. Before long they all felt the need to go closer though, thoughts of their own Gundams flying through their minds.

"This feels like a graveyard," Duo murmured.

No one commented, because in some sick, twisted way, a graveyard was exactly where they were. Wing Zero wasn't just a machine, none of the Gundams were. On some level, they could all think for themselves. On some level, they were human.

And would remain apart of them forever.

Heero soon found what he was searching for. He punched a key sequence, one he had memorized long ago, but the door was not open. He turned when the others were directly behind him.

"It's jammed."

Trowa and Wufei moved forward, and between the three of them, got the piece of Gundanium alloy aside. Duo whistled when he saw the interior and Quatre gasped, startled. The seat and controls were darkened by fire, seeming to just barely be holding together.

"Oh, Heero," Quatre breathed, moving closer to his friend instinctively.

"Well, not only did it hold out against a battle with Wufei, but with the rebels as well," Duo thought to point out. "It took one hell of a beating." He patted the side closest to him in appreciation. Oddly, he thought he would be just as proud, in this sad fashion, if Deathscythe Hell had even this many parts left. But his, along with Trowa’s, Quatre’s, and Wufei’s, had been melted down.

"Heero took one hell of a beating!" Quatre cried. He looked on the edge of tears.

Heero wasn't listening to them. Hesitating only another second, studying the cockpit for the last time, he stepped inside and removed the small black box. It was, as he had said, unmarred. He walked back out, rejoining the others.

"But how ...?" Wufei left his question hanging; he knew it was what they were all thinking.

Duo just shrugged it off, moving closer to Heero to get a better look. "Next to the Uuchu no Coconut, nothing surprises me." His face was serious, however, despite the joke. He held out his hand over the black box, and Heero politely passed it over for him to see.

Duo didn't take it from his grasp, however, just laying his palm upon the surface. Dimly, to their surprise, a light flashed from the box. Duo cursed and Wufei, Trowa, and Quatre moved in to see what had happened.

Duo had taken his hand back in surprise. "Duo, touch it again," Heero ordered.

He did so, not shocked this time when the light remained but certainly awed.

"Quatre, Trowa, Wufei," Heero called to them, and his friends laid their hands next to Duo's. The light grew ever brighter until it became so blinding they could hardly see. None of them were thinking about what they were doing. It seemed to be some instinct built inside, a need.

Wufei touched it last. They didn't have enough time to react to what happened next.

The System exploded.




The Great Hall was filled with talking and laughter, as is the tradition of the opening feast. The Headmaster, Dumbledore, was in his proper seat, which all of them were grateful for. No one knew who the new Defense Against Dark Arts teacher was because there were no new Professors at the table. Rumors were flying across the hall on who it was.

One particular person wasn't joining in with the festivities. Actually, he wasn't doing much of anything besides glaring at the head table.

Not even his best friends, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, could dissuade him from his glaring. Try as they might, he refused whatever they tried to do. They got him a plate of food; he said he wasn't hungry. They tried to engage him in conversation, but he said he didn't want to talk. In short, he was in a strop.

Hermione watched Harry Potter closely, tracing his line of vision to the head table. To the particular person they were fixated upon.

Professor Snape.

Ever since Sirius Black had fallen through the veil, Harry had blamed the Professor for his death.

Harry's temper hadn't been terrific during the holidays, at least the time he'd spent with Hermione and Ron. But he steadily became more distant as they approached Hogwarts on the train. His two closest friends (mostly Hermione) had tried fruitlessly to get him to talk about it.

But to no avail. Harry could be annoyingly stubborn when he wanted to, and this was one of those times. It didn't help any that Professor Snape was glaring right back at him too. Those two were as bad as each other sometimes.

Hermione touched Harry's shoulder and he actually jumped. Though he didn't break eye contact.


He whirled on her. The movement caused the hair on his forehead to move, revealing his trademark scar. "What?"

"I was only going to ask you to pass the peas. No need to bite my head off,” she stated, giving him a glare of her own. She loved him, really she did, but it was getting a bit too much.

For a few seconds, as he did so, he attention was not on the Potions Master. It was a short-lived victory as that's where Harry's green-eyed gaze soon returned.

Ron placed a hand on her shoulder. "Just leave him, 'mione,” he whispered into her ear. "He'll come round."

She nodded, but refrained herself from saying something in return. Dumbledore had just stood up to make the start of term announcements and she fixed her attention on the old man. Ron's hand never left her shoulder. She was grateful for his silent support.

Dumbledore's announcements were the same as every year. Not that Harry would have noticed if he had said, "I wear purple underwear." He wasn't exactly pleased with the Headmaster either. Over the summer he had begun to blame Dumbledore as well.

If Dumbledore had been straight with him from the start, then none of this would have happened. Harry wouldn't have been facing death at every corner, and more importantly, Sirius would still be with him.

Everything else paled in comparison to that.

Sirius…His throat tightened at the thought of his godfather, but he did not give in. He did not surrender. He would not. Because he could never forgive them for it. And he wouldn't let any of them see him cry.

Especially not him.

Snape could have saved Sirius. But instead he pretended that he didn't know what Harry was talking about. But that didn't matter now. Sirius' death would be avenged, Harry would make sure of it; he had begun to think thoughts like this, festering in his room at the Dursley’s all summer. He wasn’t quite sure if he meant them or not.

Just then, a bright yellow light filled the Hall from the ceiling, which interrupted Dumbledore’s speech and Harry's thoughts. His hand went to his wand immediately. He was mildly pleased to see the former members of D.A. do the same.

"Get down!" Dumbledore shouted at them. The aged wizard had his own wand out, held at the ready. Students abandoned their seats and fell to the ground. Some started shouting, "It's HIM! It's the DARK LORD!" in fright.

Of course, Harry took no heed of the warning and shot up to see what was happening.

‘One,’ resonated a bodiless voice. It was more of a presence that came from the light shining above them rather than a voice. But he heard it clearly in his mind.

There was a flash, and a body fell from the ceiling and landed on the Ravenclaw table, rolling off and onto the ground limply. It was a boy no older than Harry himself, with short, dark brown hair and dressed in what looked like Muggle clothing - a jeans and a green tank top.

Dumbledore didn't waste time and moved toward the boy, wand pointed at him. McGonagall, Snape, and Hagrid were behind him.

The boy groaned. He didn't seem to notice their approach, until he surprised them but rolling to his feet with astonishing agility and leaping over the Gryffindor table, landing on the other side. He looked remarkably like a cornered beast, and totally bewildered by his surroundings.

"Stay where you are!" Dumbledore roared to the students that had started to run in panic.

"Potter!" McGonagall suddenly saw him still on his feet. And on the same side of the table as the mysterious boy. "Get down now!"

He took no notice, eyes on the boy, who was scanning the room quickly, keeping all of them in his sights.

‘Two,’ he heard, and Harry looked up just in time to see the body just before it landed on him. His breath was knocked out as he fell on his rear end, the person in his lap.

Blearily, he sat up and looked. The first thing that met his eyes was the long plait of hair resting on the person's black-clad back.

"Ow!" said the boy on top of Harry. "What the -?"


The second thing Harry saw, was when the first boy called, the second boy turned his head in that direction only to stop when his gaze locked with Harry's.

Duo did hear his name being called, he really did. And he wasn't ignoring Heero purposefully. But the only thought that seemed to make any coherent sense at the moment was: green eyes.

"Duo!" Panic rose in Heero as two of the strangely dressed people who pointed sticks at him were now approaching his friend. They were quickly closing in on him.

And Duo didn't seem to be in a hurry to get off the kid's lap.

Harry couldn't draw his gawk away from those violet orbs in front of him. The initial shock of having someone fall on him had worn off, and now all that ran through his mind was… those eyes… But somewhere in the corner of his mind, he registered that McGonagall and Snape were coming towards them with their wands pointed out.

‘Three!’ said the voice with what could only be described as glee. Another body fell, and Hagrid moved into its path to catch the person.

Heero had seen who it was in midair - Trowa - and took the distraction to his advantage, for the giant and the old man watching him had looked away. He sped forward faster than any of them could track, vaulted clear over Duo and the kid, and tackled the man dressed in black.

Severus didn't have time to react as the boy came speeding at him. He hardly formed the words of a curse before he was barreled over.

McGonagall was just as surprised, and her hesitation cost her. Duo had woken from his daze and, still on the ground, kicked high, knocking her stick from her grasp. He flipped backwards as it went flying, landing on his feet and catching the stick easily in his hand. Heero was struggling to get the man's weapon away from him, but his opponent seemed resilient.

Duo looked at the stick curiously. Were these supposed to be weapons? Where the hell were they?! Numerous questions raced through his mind, but he kept his attention on the woman. Suddenly, she spoke words he did not recognize.

"Accio Wand!"

The wand flew back to its owner. Duo stared dumbly, beautiful eyes wide. "What the fuck?!"

"Petrificus Totalus!" she shouted, and Duo found he couldn't move at all. He became ram-rod straight and fell to the floor.

‘Four!’ the voice seemed almost angry now. The forth body - another boy - nearly fell on Dumbledore but Trowa moved him out of the way in order to catch Quatre gallantly. He kept the blonde in his arms, however, wanting to protect him.

"Duo!" Heero shouted when he saw what had happened to him. Enraged, he punched the man underneath him in the face and kicked out with his foot, tripping the woman who had attacked Duo.

"Heero!" Quatre shouted as he and Trowa made their way over to them. "What's happening?"

‘Five!!!’ said the same voice. It sounded like a cry of despair, and it echoed in the hall until another body fell. Wufei landed near where Duo had fallen, and when the Chinese pilot gained his senses and saw his friend frozen next to him. He looked around him - Heero struggling and Quatre in Trowa's arms, all surrounded by people - and leapt into action only to be stopped when Quatre cried out.

"Stop it! Heero, get off him right now!" He was nearly weeping, scared for Duo and worried that the same would happen to all his friends.

"Give me a good reason," Heero said darkly. (3)

"Because these people aren't our enemies!"

Heero blinked. He looked into the black eyes of the man beneath him. Blinked again.

He was sure this had happened before. Yes, back in the war. Quatre had said those same words, back then.

Even if they were now strongly connected to each other, Quatre still had the strongest empathy. Heero would have to trust his judgment.

Not only that, they had no weapons and they were fighting an unknown enemy - these were not his favorite circumstances.

He moved off the man with a feline's grace and walked over to Quatre and Trowa.

Snape watched his progress cautiously, then stood himself. He helped McGonagall to rise.

The light shined once more, but did not speak again. None that the wizards could understand. To the boys who had came from it, however, it seemed to speak to them in a manner beyond the norm.

"Zero," Heero whispered softly, knowing the light for what it was.

"It's saying goodbye," Quatre murmured, arms wrapped tightly around Trowa's neck. (4)

The light shimmered and faded from the hall.

"Goodbye," Heero said.



1. Uuchu no Kokoru - Heart of Space/Space Heart. *You* watch the end of the series and tell me your impression. It’s not MY fault the GW creators watched too much Evangelion. And the coconut? It’s… a running gag.

2. Read the ‘Ground Zero’ manga to know what I’m referring to. It’s too long and I don’t feel like going into detail about it right now. But, it’s quite pretty and very funny, especially the two times Trowa laughs hysterically at “Heero’s bad jokes.” It’s worth a read.

3. Bunny: Because I love Sev and I don't want him to die! And you'll grow to love him too!

Chrissy: Ano… Gomen nasai!

4. Bunny: [as Duo] Hello. I'm petrified here!

Chrissy: [pets Duo] We'll unpetrify you next chapter. Promise.

Flame if you wish, your childishness will be ignored by Chrissy and laughed at by Bunny, because she gets off on things like that. We know this is flawed. It was not made to be unflawed. Deal with it.

Chapters 2-11 can be found at http://www.gundam-wing-universe.net/fanfiction/stories.php?id=872&chapter=1 . Currently writing chapter 18. Updated every monday, weekly. I can post updates on here, if anyone is interested. Ja ne. (And if anyone was wondering, yes this was posted twice. *wants to murder LJ*)

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