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(I'm new to this community. I'm Alice, and I'm from the U.K. ^^)

My fic..

Series: Gundam SEED
Characters: Yzak/Dearka
Rating: R-18
Type: Short, One-Shot, PWP

I don't partucuarly like this, but I may as well have it 'showcased' somewhere ^^v

Disclaimer - I do not own Gundam SEED or it’s wuvvly boys. This is my first attempt at a SEED lemon, so it might be OOC. And well.. Please enjoy ^-^v

My Darling Dearka.

Written 11/17/2003, typed up 12/29/2003.

"Ne, Yzak.." Dearka sighed "What time is it?"
Yzak turned his head and flicked some of his glossy silver hair behind his ear "It's pretty late," he smiled & unbuttoned his jacket and slid it off it off his arms. "You'd better be going.. Hm?"
Yzak looked down at Dearka. "What's the matter? Why're you looking at me like that?"
Dearks gulped and flinched. "Just that.. You're undressing infront of me and.." he felt himself blush as he saw Yzak slide his shirt off his arms, exposing his bare chest to the cold air, which turned his delicate nipples hard with the cold.
"Do you have a problem with that, Dearka..?" Yzak flashed a sexy smile and unzipped his pants.
"Hn.. Yzak.." Dearka grinned and sat up and rubbed the palm of his hand over the bulge of the front of Yzak's boxers, feeling Yzaks cock grow hard as he did so. "Ah that was fast.." Dearka teased, "I wonder if you'll like this.."
Yzak gulped and watched as Dearks unbuttoned the rim of his boxers, and flinched lightly as Dearka's hand pulled his erection out from the open part of his boxers. Dearka smiled softly and slowly pushed back Yzak's foreskin, and kissed the head, rolled his tongue over it, and gently nibbled the tender head.
"Iya.." Yzak clenched his eyes shut "Itai.."
"Ah it won't for long, Aishii.." Dearka reassured him, and licked underneath Yzak's wet cock, slowly stroking his fingertips over the velvety head.
"Mmm.." Dearka sighed and took his mouth away, stood up, and immediately began sucking on Yzak's nipple, and began rubbing the other one with his precum-coated fingers.
"D-Dearka.." Yzak sighed lovingly as he felt the cool material of Dearka's pants rub against his bare cock, it made his thighs tremble and his crotch ache. He closed his eyes, he felt them moist at the sides. He let his mouth hang open, gasping quietly, allowing himself to becoming a slave to the other boy.
Dearka moved his body up and looked at Yzaks cute little face, all flustered and eager for something to be done to him. "Ahh, are you really that horny.." he teased and licked Yzaks lips with his tongue, Yzak's tongue meeting Dearka's, and they licked each others tongues outside of their mouth’s, the only sound in the room being their sweet groans.
Dearka moved back, letting a thin string of saliva trail down under his lip. He moved some of Yzaks hair away from his ear, and leant in, and nibbled his earlobe. He breathed hotly into Yzak's ear and whispered softly "Touch yourself for me.."
Yzak bit his bottom lip and felt his cheeks flare with a blush as he watched Dearka sit down. He closed his eyes and felt a bead of sweat roll down the side of his face, and let his trembling hand clasp around his deliciously wet and hard cock. "D-do you like me doing this..?" Yzak asked nervously as he pumped his long cock, wincing quietly.
Dearks grinned wickedly and put his hands of Yzak's hips, and pulled him towards him. He took hold of Yzak's hand and guided it so that the tip of his cock glided over Dearka's pretty pouted lips.
"Mm.. Dearka.."
Dearka closed his eyes and held Yzak's thick head between his lips and began to suck, letting Yzak's precum dribble onto his tongue and roll down his throat, the tangy taste clinging to his mouth.
Yzaks mouth opened as he panted fast, and began rocking his hips fast, letting his cock slide in and out, fucking Dearkas mouth.
'This is so good..' Dearka thought to himself 'He's so cute..' he tightened the grip of his lips and heard Yzak's groans fill the room as he shot his load into Dearka's mouth, the vile taste trailing slowly down the back of Dearka's throat.
Yzak staggered forwards and gulped "Oh.. God.. Dearka.."
"Don't worry.." Dearka smiled and caught Yzak's weakened body as it fell forward. He laid Yzak down next to him on the cool bed sheet. He ran the sides of his fingers down Yzak's cheek and nuzzled his nose gently. He kissed Yzak's full, plump lips, and watched as his lover opened his gorgeous, blue eyes. Yzak winced slightly and wrapped his petite arms around Dearka's broad shoulders, and kissed him, making quiet smacking noises as they kissed. Dearka let his hands move up Yzak's torso, and began rubbing Yzak's nipples again.
"Mmmnh.. Dearka.." Yzak whined quietly "There's so much I want us to do.."
"Ooh same here.." Dearka purred and leant closer in, and licked up Yzak's neck, over the side of his jaw bone and nibbled his earlobe. "Ne Yzak.." he whispered "Oyasumi.."
Yzak's eyes dilated and he smiled softly, and nuzzled the side of his face into his pillow, watching Dearka getting dressed. Dearka stood up and walked to the door, smiling to hisself. He turned his head to look round at his cute little boyfriend.
"Oyasumi, aishii.."
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