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As You Sleep

Title: As You Sleep
Author: darknesslight
Fandom: X/1999
Pairing: Kamui/Fuuma
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, angst, OOCness, me taking liberty with what isn't said
Disclaimer: If I owned X/1999 (Which I unfortunately don’t) there would be a lot less death, Seishirou would definitely be back, and there would be a lot more sex. And fluff. Depending on my mood :P I also do not own Something Corporate’s song, As You Sleep from their new album, North. Buy it. It is very good. Especially this song.

As You Sleep
By Darkness Light

Violet eyes closed in anguish. Another kekkai fallen. Another brush with death, as the days ticked off one by one, bringing him closer to the Final Day. Any other day, he could’ve let Sorata’s declarations of love to Arashi amuse him, rouse him from his pain that never ended, but sometimes was forgotten. Sometimes he could smile again when he was with Yuzuriha, one who was even younger than Kamui, the girl forced into a role that seemed most unsuited, and yet she persevered. She lived her scant 14 years and for the most part, suffered since people could not see her inugami, her dog, her friend. The people could not see it and mocked her for what they did not understand. But Yuzuriha still lived on, her enthusiasm rarely dampened. But today, he could barely stand the bubbling life that just was the girl. He could barely stand Sorata and his antics. All he wanted to do is curl up in some corner and cry. But even the tears seemed to abandon him. So he walked. He didn’t know where he was going. He just walked, refusing to think. The more he thought, the more his mind was drawn to Fuuma. His twin star. His everything and nothing.

The brisk fall wind swept through the streets, Kamui nothing but a speck among the masses. Even though earthquakes and mysterious explosions rocked the city, the people continued on with their lives. Kamui envied their ability to forget. He wished he could. Forget the Final Day, forget destiny, forget Fuuma… forge that Fuuma was still out there, no longer Fuuma, but some other malevolent being, some sadistic spirit that wished only to destroy.

When he was feeling compassionate and guilty, Kamui often wondered at how much this spirit suffered to be so destructive.

He eventually drifted into a park, the leaves burnished with bronze and flame. The wind tugged at his jacket, sweeping it up in its arms and dancing with the cloth. The sun was beginning to wane, clouds racing across the sky. The setting sun seemed all the brighter though, the light casting shadow everywhere. He noticed the children running around, their mothers standing off to the side. The childish laughter rang out through the chilly air, reminding Kamui of what he was trying to win. Trying to win the war over the world, the war over the destiny of the world. Pitting him against Fuuma.

"Stop it," he whispered harshly to himself. “Stop thinking about him. Stop torturing yourself.” Besides, he does it enough for you anyway. Kamui closed his eyes momentarily, trying to escape reality. He imagined he was somewhere else. Somewhere far from Tokyo. Far from this reality. He could almost hear a murmured conversation, words whispered into his ear.

“Is that your wish?”

Kamui jumped, whirling around. The words had been too real. But no one was there. He extended his senses automatically, looking for anything, anyone. But silence answered him. He shivered. The words felt so real, the breath on his ear… He stopped. No more. I can’t deal with that right now. I… need to think more about staying alive. Keeping everyone else alive.

He walked back slowly, preparing for the inevitable lecture on where he had gone and why he shouldn’t go off by himself. Kamui didn’t mind so much. It let him know they were still there, they hadn’t died on him. They were still living.

He continued walking, unaware of anything around him as the darkness slowly overtook the skies, the sun fading into the west.

Close your eyes
And I will be swimming
Lullabies fill your room
And I will be singing
Singing to only you
Don’t forget I’ll hold your head
Watch the night sky fading red

Above, dark eyes gazed lazily after its quarry. It was a strange time of year for everyone. Though normally the pain of the world assaulted him relentlessly, twisting and warping his mind and emotions, the earth was beginning to sleep. As the seasons shifted and the trees exchanged their costumes of green for fire and gold, the earth no longer screamed its pain in his mind. The drive for vengeance lessened, dying as the nights grew colder and the days shorter. For the first time since the entire fiasco began, /Kamui/ – no, Fuuma – could hear himself think. At the same time, his powers seemed to decrease, but with the weakness came clarity never encountered before. It was as if his consciousness was in every leaf, every creature, just everything. And at the same time, it was as if he was merely looking at himself in a mirror. His life and actions reflected upon him in simple reflection.

He rose up onto his feet, his power humming in his veins; still strong, but with the malice gone… it seemed just less. The tiny voice in his head could now be heard, the tiny voice that used to be Fuuma. An innocent, child Fuuma from years ago. Now that the earth was growing silent, the child Fuuma was growing stronger. He shook his head. No matter. The child Fuuma could do nothing, could not comprehend the pain.

“If only the human race could feel the pain, the excruciating agony that the earth is in… maybe then they would all understand why I must do this,” Fuuma murmured. He looked after the path Kamui had taken and paused. No longer the voice plagued him to kill Kamui. With the pain lessened and the voice muted, he no longer wished to call himself /Kamui/. He left that for when the voice would rise again and scream at him, screaming its pain of eons beyond eons. His friend – no, more than just a friend now. He knew Kamui wished with his heart and soul to have Fuuma back and protect him. And though Kamui did not realize, Fuuma knew that he needed Kamui to stay stable, to keep the voice of the earth from overwhelming him and unleashing Ragnarok before it was even supposed to happen. Actually, Fuuma never even knew when the Final Day was supposed to come. He only knew that it would come when he finally had no restraint left, that not even Kamui could quell his destruction and keep it upon himself. Kamui in his own way was the sacrificial doll of the earth, like his mother. And Fuuma could do nothing but inflict pain upon his twin star, his Gemini. It was the only way to keep total destruction in check.

“But you don’t know that. And I don’t intend for you to know. Because the earth still scream… and I know I must do something alleviate the pain. I will not destroy you. If you knew your role… you would allow me to keep on torturing you, but that would eventually destroy you. I will not destroy you.”

It was almost sad at the way things would turn out. But anything to keep himself from destroying Kamui. He would never allow himself to do that. His dark eyes reflected the dying light of the sun, a haze of color painting the sky as the hues faded into blue and purple, to eventually black as eyes went across the sky. He would cherish this moment, this moment of solitude and peace that was given to him. A moment when pain was not wracking his body, tormenting his mind and soul.

He took the gift quietly, standing up there for a long time, watching the sun set into night.

“Never to destroy you, my Kamui.”

But as you sleep
And no one is listening
I will lift you off your feet
And keep you from sinking
Don't you wake up yet
'Cause soon I'll be leaving you
But you won't be leaving me

A ghost of a smile appeared on Fuuma’s lips as he gazed down upon the still form of his twin star. He dropped from the sky onto the roof where Kamui lay, asleep. The older boy walked softly, not wishing to disturb his other half’s rest. He stopped, studying the sleeping boy. Kamui had always been pale, but the celestial light of the stars and moon transformed the paleness into alabaster perfection, the black hair a startling contrast with the ivory skin. Bandages wrapped around the slender, fragile hands and disappeared into the sleeves, the body almost painfully thin to look at with the clothes hanging loosely on the boy’s frame.

Utter beauty.

A beauty I cannot give into, for the sake of the earth and Kamui as well, Fuuma thought to himself, resisting the urge to go and caress the alabaster cheek, crush the fragile body against his own, make Kamui one with himself. Some irrational part of his mind wanted to go and stain the innocent perfection with blood, crimson and warm, awaken Kamui and rouse him from his guilt and stupor. Force him to fight, force him to be strong.

Instead, his body decided for him. He took a step forward. Then another, then another until he was standing in front of the slumbering boy. Fuuma knelt down, hand tentatively out towards Kamui. To protect this boy, to keep this boy from falling into darkness was Fuuma’s wish. It was why he became the Dragon of Earth. He would protect Kamui from the pain of the earth, from the pain of destroying the human race. He would not let Kamui fall. But Fuuma also could not stay.

“Thank you Kami. For granting me this moment of peace,” Fuuma murmured. He stroked Kamui’s face lightly, his fingertips hot against the cool cheek. “Dream well, Kamui.” He rose, his fingertips still tingling from where they touched Kamui, his Gemini. He knew even after the earth wracked his body once more, no matter what he did, Kamui would stay at his side. No matter what. Even though the Fuuma his twin star knew was no longer awake, Kamui would stay.

“Kami… spare this one. Spare him, if you can. The earth must live, but Kamui will never understand. Leave him be,” Fuuma whispered, looking up to the starry sky. Now that the voice had diminished, Fuuma was at peace with himself. He still sensed the smoldering embers that could easily be fanned into a conflagration within seconds, but it would require a certain amount of effort until it was necessary for Fuuma to alleviate the pain.

He paused before he left. He suddenly sensed that Kamui was awakening but could not move. Kamui’s eyes opened into slits, violet peering from the sleep-hazed eyes.

“Fuuma…?” he heard Kamui’s voice ask in wonder and adoration. He merely smiled before disappearing, escaping into the night sky, into the cold void, away from those trusting eyes.

In the car
The radio keeps me searching for your star
A constellation of frustration
Driving hard
Singing my thoughts back to me
Like watching heartache on TV

Instead of walking back to the warmth and activity of the Seals, Kamui decided he wanted to enjoy his solitude a little longer. He didn’t mean to fall asleep, but he just was so tired and the atmosphere was just so peaceful…

He remembered he dreamed. They – meaning the Seals – were all standing on ruins, surrounded by desolate destruction. All of them were in cloaks, their faces hooded against the blinding sun. Subaru, Arashi, Sorata, Yuzuriha, Karen, and Seiichiro. All of them together, none of them dead. But where was Tokyo? Where were the Angels?

Kamui shivered at the last thing he remembered, the most vivid thing in the dream. He remembered that he was walking toward some body, blood pooled around it. He knew he had to destroy it, whatever it was. Then the nightmare would be over. But as he neared the person, he remembered gasping. It was Fuuma. Bloody, broken, and nearly dead. A shinken stood upright like a flagpole, right through Fuuma’s chest. He cried out and then woke. He remembered seeing Fuuma after he awoke. And he smiled. Fuuma smiled at him. Kamui tried to keep the grin off his face, ignoring the quickened heartbeat. It was only his imagination. But he was so reassured, so relieved Fuuma wasn’t really dead.

He looked up at the stars. He still didn’t want to head back. He remained on the rooftop where he fell asleep momentarily, looking up at the night, at the constellations and the moon. He remembered when he was little, Fuuma taught him some of the constellation names, one of the first ones being the little dipper and the big dipper.

“See? The big dipper you can find because of the north star which is the brightest star in the sky!”

“Sugoi! That’s so cool, Fuuma!”

“Just remember, I’m the north star! Daddy said that as long as you know where the north star is, you can find your way. So as long as you know where I am, you won’t get lost, okay?”



Kamui closed his eyes, sliding to his knees. His eyes burned with unshed tears, but he couldn’t find the energy to cry. The recollection of that, of what Fuuma told him that day was too much. His battered heart wasn’t broken, but by no means was it whole. He sat there for a while, just staring at the sky before he finally got up.

Kamui dropped off the edge of the roof, landing softly in an alleyway. He shoved his hands in his pockets, walking into the crowds and the noise and light that accompanied the people. For a little while, for a moment, he felt protected, invisible. But he knew that wasn’t true. Any moment he could have to summon a kekkai and defend the city against the Dragons of Earth. Any moment he could find out one of the Seals, one of his friends died in battle. But at that point, he didn’t care. For a little while, Kamui allowed himself not to care about the End of the World, the Final Day, the Seals, the Angels, anyone but himself. And Fuuma.

Some song played on a radio in a store window, the melody and lyrics sad and nostalgic. Kamui smiled bitterly.

“You didn’t keep your promise…”

But as you sleep
And no one is listening
I will lift you off your feet
And keep you from sinking
Don't you wake up yet
'Cause soon I'll be leaving you
But you won't be leaving me

“I didn’t?”

Kamui gasped, whirling around. Before his eyes was Fuuma, in living flesh. He tensed, waiting for the pain to hit, for the battle to begin. He shut his eyes, preparing for the blow to come.

But it didn’t happen.

The crowd bustled around the two, as Kamui slowly opened his eyes. Fuuma raised his eyebrows.

“Surely I’m not that bad Kamui-kun,” the taller boy drawled. He held his hand out, Kamui edging away. “What is there to be afraid of?”

“Everything,” Kamui bit back. “Everything about you is to be afraid of. What are you doing here? Just go away!”

“Kamui-kun, not everything can be explained. Not everything has a reason. Besides, I’m here to grant you your wish,” Fuuma replied, smiling charmingly. The violet-eyed boy jerked back as if physically hit.

“What do you know about my wishes?!” Kamui hissed. “Just… go away. Please.” His voice cracked in his plea against the boy in front of him. Fuuma shook his head, suddenly grabbing Kamui and crushing the boy in strong arms. Kamui just whimpered, mentally incapable of anything else. Fuuma nuzzled the soft black hair, inhaling the scent that was uniquely Kamui. Oddly enough, no one noticed them. Fuuma made sure of it. He extended his power, creating a veil around him and Kamui.

“Even having one wish just partially granted… isn’t that better than nothing?” Fuuma murmured into Kamui’s ear. The boy blushed hotly but said nothing. Smiling, the taller boy let go momentarily, grabbing Kamui’s hand. “Just follow me. You don’t need to think just yet. Just pretend.”

“But you’ll be gone,” Kamui whispered, half to himself, half to Fuuma. Fuuma shrugged.

“Will it matter? You’ll be with me no matter what happens, right Kamui-kun?” the taller boy asked, bringing up Kamui’s hand to his lips. He kissed the smooth flesh, letting his tongue trace random patterns on the hand. Kamui’s eyes widened at the contact, but all resistance fled his body, which was what Fuuma wanted.

“Till the end,” Kamui whispered. Fuuma smiled.

Singing my thoughts back to me
Like watching heartache on TV

“You want this. You’ve always have,” Fuuma said. Kamui could barely keep the blush off his cheeks.

“I won’t… you won’t. What’s the point of this anyway… please, just stop,” Kamui protested, his words weak and soft. Fuuma laughed.

“All we’re doing is just reenacting a scene played countless times in history. And it only ends one way. Don’t you want that ending?” Fuuma asked? Kamui couldn’t tell if he was mocking or not. Too hard to read, too tired to try.

“Just go away Fuuma. Just stop.”

“No. I won’t. Can you even say you will resist me?” Fuuma inquired, raising his eyebrows. Kamui felt irritated. He was perfectly capable of resisting. He opened his mouth to tell Fuuma just then when the taller boy suddenly pinned him against a convenient wall, his mouth hard against Kamui’s. Fuuma ground his lips against the smaller boy’s, thoroughly claiming Kamui’s mouth as his own, his tongue tasting and savoring the innocent mouth. Kamui could do nothing but take it, helpless against the assault. Fuuma felt overwhelming power as he felt the smaller boy’s body go limp against his. He gathered up the wilted limbs and ground his mouth against Kamui harder, the boy making a small noise against the pain.

Mine. He is mine, Fuuma thought, letting himself be overtaken by his passion, as he drew back and nibbled on Kamui’s bruised and battered lips, drawing blood. He suckled on the lips, drawing a groan from his twin star, tasting the blood and savoring the metallic flavor, rolling it on his tongue as if it were fine wine. He felt his need rise, hardening beneath his clothes. Pulling back and grinning feral, he rubbed his hips against Kamui, pushing his hardness against the answering need of his Gemini.

“You are mine,” Fuuma growled. He bit Kamui’s neck, suckling it hard enough to draw blood from the tiny wound. Kamui arched and moaned, eyes dilated and half-lidded. “Only mine.”

But as you sleep
And no one is listening
I will lift you off your feet
And keep you from sinking

Somehow, they found a room. Fuuma didn’t much care who’s bed they were using as long as it was empty; Kamui was too far gone to care. Fuuma clawed at Kamui’s shirt, eventually ripping it from the boy’s body so his own hands could wander on the smooth flesh. Kamui gasped, arching his back from the taller boy’s touch. Fuuma roughly grabbed Kamui between the legs, fondling the hardness that strained against the pants. Kamui whimpered, fingers clenching onto Fuuma’s shoulders for support. Fuuma leaned forward, darting his tongue out to lick a nipple. The sudden warmth of the tongue shocked Kamui, sending pleasure jolts up his spine, his nipple laved and teased into a point by the sensual tongue massage. After a moment, Fuuma moved onto the other nipple, sliding his hands to the front of Kamui’s pants to undo the clasp. Suddenly, the older boy grabbed Kamui, curling his fingers around the fragile, slender neck as he forced Kamui to look at him. He grinned, tossing the boy to the middle of the bed, plucking Kamui’s pants off in a single move. Now the boy was only in his boxers, dark blue and unassuming. Pale, long legs disappeared under the dark cotton, the thin hips hidden by the boxers as well. Fuuma’s eyes glinted in the moonlight.

“Take them off.”

Blinking, Kamui froze for a moment. Then, as if in a dream, the boy slowly slid the boxers off, Fuuma’s eyes drinking in the vision of celestial perfection in front of him. Where he was masculine, thick, and firm, Kamui gave the impression of fragility, delicate beauty, and helplessness. Moonlight bathed the boy’s body, the pale skin marred only by the bandages that went from the hands to the elbows, hands that had so much power and could wreck so much havoc. The thin torso was almost an anorexic thin, but Fuuma knew that Kamui was like that even before 1999, before the beginning of the end of the world. The hard need between Kamui’s legs seemed almost surreal, something totally human for a creature that looked wholly nonhuman at the moment. Fuuma felt his heart quicken at the sight of Kamui’s body, his own hardness straining the confines of his clothes. Dimly, he wondered why the hell he was wearing clothes. He started to take off his clothes, watching Kamui.

Kamui merely looked on with his mind foggy with desire. He didn’t care. He just wanted Fuuma. Wanted Fuuma to want him. He watched with curious abandon as Fuuma began to strip, revealing the hard, muscular flesh the clothes covered. Kamui wanted to reach out and touch it, stroke it, massage it. He wanted to taste that skin. But he didn’t do anything. His mind was strangely acquiesce, as he lay on the bed, propped up on his elbows. He breathed in sharply when Fuuma removed his pants, the long, thick member that sprang from the black crown of hair. Kamui unconsciously licked his lips at the sight of the uncut penis. He shoved all worries of the day into the very back corner of his brain and concentrated only on the now. The present where Fuuma was about to make love to him.

The violet-eyed boy crawled over the bed to Fuuma, reaching with his hands to pull Fuuma closer. He opened his mouth, and though a virgin, he moved ahead without hesitation. He licked the swelling organ, delighted at the shudder that rippled through his lover’s body and then proceeded to take it into his mouth, suckling the member as if it were the fountain of youth. He savored the musky smell that was Fuuma, sliding his tongue around the cock in his mouth, not completely sure of what to do other than suck on it. Kamui wasn’t a complete virgin; he had messed around with other guys in school. But this was the first time he had ever done anything serious. So he focused on what he heard, the gasps of pleasure from Fuuma.

“Suck on it, Kamui-kun. Suck on it. Worship it. Worship me,” Fuuma whispered, pushing Kamui farther onto his cock. The younger boy was silent, totally occupied with his task, though his own ardor rose as Fuuma hissed words at him. “Suck it. Take it all in, Kamui-kun. Because you are mine. Only mine.” Kamui continued on his lover’s command, feeling the organ enlarge further, almost to the point where he was gagging. Suddenly, Kamui was bereft, Fuuma pushing Kamui back. The younger boy looked up at Fuuma, the older boy completely hard, washed in moonlight; he was like a god, a child of the earth. Fuuma then leaned forward, towering over Kamui as the taller one gnawed at his lover’s lips, eliciting pain from the already bruised lips. He lashed his tongue into the submissive mouth, claiming it all over again as Kamui arched his back in the pain/pleasure, whimpering slightly.

“Now, get on your hands and knees,” Fuuma hissed. Kamui swallowed, getting up on the bed, feeling exposed in his position. He suddenly mewled in pain, something blunt forcing its way up his virgin hole; the first finger. He hissed, trying to get used to the wiggling finger. Then it withdrew. A second later, two fingers drove up his virgin ass, rubbing against his insides, almost reaching a place in him but not quite there yet. Then… three. And suddenly, pleasure flooded his system, spots in his vision from the shock. He almost crumpled if Fuuma didn’t grab onto his hair from behind him. He cried out in pain, his hair firmly pulled up so his arms couldn’t allow him to fall forward. It didn’t matter though. It still felt good.

Kamui inhaled sharply as he felt something considerably bigger than the fingers, warmer and wetter. He felt it press against his entrance, circling the hole lazily. He moaned, trying to push back on the organ, anything to get it to fill the space inside of him. But the member moved with the his movement, pulling back as well. He almost screamed in frustration from the teasing, now the cock slipping between his cheeks, the head rubbing enticingly against his balls, Kamui’s entire body arching from the pleasure. Ragged moans filled the room, Fuuma’s smile glinting in the moonlight.

“Are you ready, Kamui-kun,” Fuuma purred.

“Yes, please!” Kamui nearly shouted, almost to the point of weeping.

“Please what, Kamui-kun,” Fuuma asked, smirking.

“Please… just – oh – just… unh, just please fuck me Fuuma!” Kamui finally managed to choke out, gone from the pain and pleasure. Fuuma grinned.

“Why didn’t you say so in the first place?” Suddenly, Kamui’s eyes snapped opened, his mouth fixed into an ‘o’ as he felt Fuuma’s length drive through his body, breaching his virgin entrance and sliding into him, a perfect fit. He moaned as Fuuma inexorably filled his entire body, his lover everywhere around him and in him. His ass tightened against the intruder, drawing a pleasure-filled groan from Fuuma. At first, Fuuma jerked out a little then slammed back in, jolts of pleasure shooting through both boys. Eventually, Fuuma climbed onto the bed, got on his knees and wrapped one arm around Kamui’s waist and the other hand around his hair. He proceeded to slam his cock in and out of the boy beneath him, hissing in the pleasure he drew from the virgin he just deflowered. Kamui could do nothing but writhe from the pain/pleasure warring in his body. He felt Fuuma’s large member slam into him repeatedly, bouncing against some spot inside of Kamui which sent bursts of pleasure through his system. He moaned at the sensation of being utterly, completely filled, the warmth that entered him repeatedly.

Just when Kamui was about to scream in ecstasy, Fuuma stopped. Kamui abruptly found himself flipped onto his back, his legs pushed back by his head, exposing his hole. He felt deliciously vulnerable, now moaning uncontrollably. In an instant, Fuuma replaced himself between Kamui’s spread legs, both hands on the legs as he drilled his cock home once more. Kamui threw back his head in pleasure, crying out from the deepened penetration. Fuuma grinned savagely, capturing Kamui’s lips and grinding against them mercilessly. Pain merged with pleasure as the older boy suddenly bit the inside of Kamui’s cheek, drawing blood. Fuuma was in heaven, rolling the blood on his tongue with Kamui nothing but helpless against him. He forced the brutal kiss, lashing his tongue against the submissive mouth, shoving himself in harder.

Kamui wanted to scream but he couldn’t, his mouth trapped in a joining with Fuuma’s mouth as carnal as Fuuma’s cock slamming in and out of Kamui’s body. He could feel Fuuma’s hardness pulsing inside of him every time it entered his hole, brought a step closer to that point of absolute ecstasy each time. His cry was muffled in the bloody kiss, his body suddenly going taut as a string, the tension singing so sweetly, so heavenly. Abruptly, he felt Fuuma wrenching away from his mouth, calling out hoarsely as Kamui felt liquid heat burst inside of him, one more… just one more…

There. Kamui arched his back in a soundless scream, the pleasure finally driven his body over the edge, his orgasm completely brought on by Fuuma’s fucking. Kamui shot once, twice, thrice, four times, spattering his cum over his body, the pleasure still singing in his body. His body and mind completely drained, he struggled to stay awake, trying to reach for Fuuma.

“Fuuma,” Kamui whispered before darkness claimed him.

Don't you wake up yet
'Cause soon I'll be leaving you
Soon I'll be leaving you

For a moment, Fuuma didn’t hear the voices at all when he came inside of Kamui, his pleasure blocking out the murmur of the earth. Only for a moment though. The instant his orgasm was over, the voice was back, still there, but somehow… less? Quieter? Fuuma couldn’t tell. All he knew was the nude vision of flesh before him, asleep. After Kamui dropped into sleep, Fuuma withdrew and cleaned himself up, making sure to lock the door as he reentered the room. A kind afterthought to make sure Kamui was not disturbed by anyone. He stood there by the window for a while, just staring at Kamui, the painting the moonlight cast upon the boy with the choice. Or now, the boy who had the choice. The choice was decided already; Fuuma was an Angel and Kamui was a Seal. But truth to be told, Kamui didn’t have much of a choice. Fuuma was determined to protect Kamui from the darkness and from being broken so no matter what… Fuuma would have been the other /Kamui/, the Angel, the Dragon of Earth.

In a way, it was sort of sad.

“Soon… the earth will scream in its pain once more, rising from its sleep. I won’t be here anymore. Only the earth’s pain, the vengeance of nature. But you’ll always be there, won’t you?” Fuuma mused, almost… sad. The bond he held with Kamui was unbreakable even by death. He knew that somehow, they would always be connected. Be it friendship or love… or as enemies. Enemies sometimes had the deepest connection of all, the passion and drive committed to defeating one’s enemy many times greater than the love for a lover.

Kamui shifted, murmuring something intelligible in his sleep. Fuuma walked over to the boy, allowing himself to stroke the soft raven hair.

“Don’t wake up just yet. It’s not time. We’ll be able to meet again. Just not like this. When the earth’s pain takes over… you’ll still be here. But I won’t apologize. You would break under the pain. I haven’t, not yet,” Fuuma spoke softly. “But… I still have to go. Maybe you’ll understand.”

The wind rustled outside, the moonlight spilling across the bed. Only a boy with raven hair and moonlit skin was in the room; only a boy was there, with the ghost of a dream gone by.

But you won’t be leaving me


Notes: Wow. Second lemon I’ve ever written. And man, I need to work on it… anyway, I hope you liked it. I was writing this instead of studying for my math test. Stupid math. *shakes a fist* Anyway, I’m going to go study my math now… but yeah. Finished this fic in about four hours. Oops. By the way, this was inspired by Feye Morgan’s fanfic, A Gift of Peace. A really cute, sappy, sweet one shot that makes you go “awwww.” And yeah, sorry for the OOCness… I’ve only seen the movie and read about up to 10 in the translated manga in America… whoops. So yeah. Kinda grasping at the knowledge of all the other X fics I’ve read. I’m going to stop talking now…
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